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Four Crucial Fundamentals of Graphic Design

3 Comments 07 April 2009

cashback printing Four Crucial Fundamentals of Graphic Design

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The Elements of Graphic Design by Alexander White defines four basic points of graphic design that can be applied to any of  your design projects, from web to print and everything between.  Keeping these concepts in mind while starting your project will help you light the fire to your creative process. Also, applying these concepts to your current projects will help improve your presentation.  Take time to go through the condensed concepts here and improve your graphic game!

The four basic concepts are 1) Space, 2) Unity, 3) Page Architecture, 4) Type

If each unit of space on an advertisement is worth $xxx.xx is it wise to fill every unit?  Is it better to shrink text to its bare minimum to get as much information into the advertisement?  The answer is NO. We must respect empty space in its sheer elegance and to help add to your message.  The more crowded a space becomes, the more each word/image has to fight for your attention.  Take an example of a crowded city; looking at the masses from a distance, each individual becomes a wandering dot in a mass of other wandering dots.  How does 1 dot stand out from the rest?  Today, people have less time and more things to do, and within the madness, your creation must be able to convey your message as soon as one sees your work.  Simplify and use white space to your advantage.

Make sure each element of your work matches each other.  This includes using colors that match and similar fonts (when using multiple).  This is not to say that you can also create visual contrast using different shapes and sizes to bring out your message. Concerning colors, using too many colors may spoil your intended message by creating a ‘mess’ in which the viewer of the work must decipher.  If your intent is abstract and requires a period of concentration, this may not be advice you want to take.  Just keep in mind that people don’t have time, and less thinking one has to do, the better your message is.  Especially in work that requires unity, such as a special marketing campaign, or the use of corporate colors, unity will help easily convey the message of your brand.

Page Architecture
This covers the balance of your work.  The connection of the elements on the page as well as thinking of the page as a structure.  When a page is not balanced, each element becomes its own section vying for attention.  When a page is balanced correctly, it should take the reader to each section as you intended without any gaps and confusion on the part of the reader.  The types of balance you can achieve is symmetrical, asymmetrical and mosaic.  A symmetrical design will bring about a formal clean cut feel, while asymmetrical designs can challenge the reader to think outside the box.  Mosaic design may be useful in certain contexts, it should usually be reserved for projects requiring many different ideas.

Just like color, if you employ too many fonts, your work will loose harmony and visual appeal. Contrast your important message or text by creating a design that takes the viewer to your message.  Create contrast using size/color/placement and make sure the reader knows order in which he/she should be reading.

By employing these four concepts, you’ll be able to produce easy to understand print ads that attract attention and get your message across.  I would recommend you check out The Elements of Graphic Design: Space, Unity, Page Architecture, and Type by Alexander W. White when you have a chance.

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    Jane, thanks, I hope to have a lot of tutorials and info to make the life of people who work on prints easier, so visit often!

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    God bless you for wisdom He has given you and you are giving it out…

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