Forklift Usefulness Extended with Forklift Accessories

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The forklift is what makes industry hum. These incredibly useful machines are used for everything from handling pallets to moving stacks of materials of all descriptions. Forklift accessories just extend their usefulness even further, making what is already arguably the most indispensable piece of equipment in any industrial setting even more indispensable.

In a warehousing setting, often, the main job that the forklift does is lift pallets. In fact, that’s often all it is used for throughout much of the working day. However, when a job comes up that only a forklift can handle, the right forklift accessories make it even more useful.

Warehouses are busy places and in the course of the average day, a great deal of waste and dirt is created. Aside from being unsightly, dirt, paper and other waste on the floor can be dangerous. At intervals during the day, a broom can be attached to the forks of the forklift and can sweep the floor clean in a matter of minutes.

In many warehouses, forklifts are used mainly for moving pallets. However, in a manufacturing setting, the forklift has to be able to do a number of different jobs. Take the case of the kitchen industry, for instance. The forklift will be used to both move pallets of veneered particleboard and to move the individual sheets, which could be damaged by the lift’s steel tines.

The answer for many applications where the steel forks of the forklift may damage sensitive wood veneers lies in one of the many forklift accessories that slide onto the forks and extend their usefulness. One of these is a pair of polyurethane protective covers. These will cushion the load and prevent damage to veneers.

Kitchen manufacturers make a mess. Sawdust stacks up in sawdust collectors and something has to be done with the bags of sawdust. Offcuts of particleboard stack up in the course of the day. There are two ways to handle this necessary accumulation of waste the hard way and the easy way. The hard way is for the staff to take it all out to the waste bins one bag and one stack of offcuts at a time. The easy way is to attach a self dumping hopper to the forklift and move it all at once.

Hoppers are some of the most useful forklift accessories there are. If your kitchen factory has a low profile hopper stored out of the way under a conveyor or workbench, it can be used when a delivery of hardware arrives. Instead of taking boxes of screws, hinges, handles and all the other hardware that the average kitchen has into the factory a few at a time, they can first be put in the hopper and then moved.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of forklift accessories. In fact, there are dozens more. Hopefully they serve to illustrate just how much these inexpensive accessories can improve workplace efficiency.

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