Floristry Components Every Florist Should Know About

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All florists always seek for a professional result when it comes to flower arrangement and decoration. Apart from producing a creative piece of floral design, their works exhibit synergic integration of design elements and principles.

A florist, in order to produce an impressive flower display, needs to keep in mind these three factors: design, setting and theme. These are core elements in designing and decorating flowers. Proper application of these elements in any floral decorating project can guarantee a rewarding outcome.

In floristry, design pertains to how materials are chosen and used to their best advantage. Florists usually bear in mind the elements of design every time they have to make a choice. These elements include colors, shape, texture and form. Aside from these four components, other important elements that must reflect in any floral arrangement are the following: harmony, contrast, balance, rhythm, dominance and proportion. These elements are all necessary in the entire process of making a floral arrangement that is attractive to the eye.

What gives substance to the design is the texture. This element boosts the visual impact of a particular flower arrangement. But there are two types of texture: visual or actual. Visual texture helps people “feel” in their mind whether the material is spiky, rough or smooth even without actually touching the thing.

Alongside with creativity and technical requirements, budget is also an important consideration in floristry. Every flower arrangement and decoration that a florist intends to make is subject to a budget. While some may easily perceived this as a limitation, florists can still create exceptional and professional floral designs as long as the plan is suitable, desirable and realizable.

Lastly, florists have to consider the business side of floristry. Thus florists offer flower arrangements that match the market needs. Florists provide flower arrangement services not only to work at their creative interests but to assist people. Florists do this by helping brides have their dream wedding bouquet, send comfort, and make someone feel loved, or help people convey love to a deceased loved one.

A professional flower delivery service provide quality service. He/She also make use of technology to help people send flowers using the Internet. (7449). This article, Floristry Components Every Florist Should Know About is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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