Finding the Ways of the Trade

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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

But who said anything about teaching tricks “unless you’re signed up to Hogwart’s College of Witchcraft and Necromancy “in which particular case you have already turned the dog into the hot redhead and are now teaching her some wizardry moves.

But when it comes to education and profession there isn’t any trick in the hackneyed book which will help you to find work over expert vocational tuitoring courses and accredited learning programs.

Whether you need to retrain your abilities after taking redundancy or you are looking to move up the corporate ladder and wants a few more rungs under your belt, administration and industry-accredited courses are the only possible way you’ll move forward expertly

And you know why “because by law, you’ve got to have certain certificates, qualifications and aptitudes in industry precise areas of health, hospitality and education.

Take a first aid course, for instance.

It might not be a degree in medication, or possibly a degree in folk who failed medicine (chemist), but first aid is a really precise science of medical procedures and common sense that, in the right hands, can ultimately save lives.

The operative phrase which is ‘in the right hands ‘ “because unless you have received specific, expert teaching and in depth testing in first aid, you will be in the lifetime possession of ‘bad hands ‘ “and no manager wants to shake those in an interview.

You can even be an employer, a boss or a small enterprize owner and have some non-English speaking staff that need better language, reading and writing abilities so as to increase productivity and impress larger confidence in the workplace.

And as good as your own English might be you can’t teach it to your staff by simply SPEAKINGSLOWLYINTHEOFFICE.

But if you give them encouragement to join an ESL course, English may overtime take over as their first language and you may have a happy, fruitful work environment for a lot of to come.

Vocational education: it’s man’s best friend.

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