Find out Right Here on How You Can Actually Do Cheap Screen Printing at Home

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Cheap screen printing has been very popular today. Actually, numerous people are often screen printing at home. You can see a good number of its completed products in the alleys, in malls, or maybe in your own local community. These items are mostly seen too on our teenage people today and these are most visible whenever there are special occasions in academic institutions. Many folks personalize their particular t-shirt through the use of screen printing method due to its affordable price. Getting your own t-shirt printed by means of this method is very much cheaper when compared with all the other printing solutions. That is why many organizations these days continue to be employing this printing process due to its cost effectiveness coupled with very good quality. Despite the fact that various printing techniques have come up in these modern times, most people still prefer with this procedure due to its above-mentioned reasons.

The standard operation pertaining to screen printing is this. You got your current model artwork copied in the particular screen. The after that, you apply the ink upon it that has a t-shirt underneath the screen. The transferred ink on the t-shirt is to be dried for few minutes and that this will make now your own shirt printed applying this method. The actual steps concerning this approach will be explained just below together with the step-by-step process on the best way to accomplish it nicely.

Here are the things that you will need.

* A T-shirt or simply any kind of similar material

* Mod Podge Glue which will be used on developing stencil

* Fabric ink or maybe paint

* A five meters of thin permeable garment (organza). This is like a curtain material.

* A 12 inch embroidery ring

* A sponge

* A contact paper


1. Build a style and design artwork for your own t-shirt. You can actually sketch or even print a good artwork making use of your computer. There are thousands of models in the internet available or you can simply do the design according to your own creative concepts and ingenuity.

2. Obtain now your organza fabric and begin to cut it out. This needs to be good enough to fit on your embroidery hoop.

3. Secure the organza thin fabric on the embroidery hoop. Be sure that the fabric or screen is stretched tightly and properly fastened towards the hoop or frame.

4. Locate this now above your illustration or model artwork.

5. By using a pencil, begin the process of tracing your current design artwork right now.

6. When you’ve traced your own pattern artwork, apply a mod podge by using a brush surrounding the traced design art work on the thin fabric. This is to be carried out in order to have a stencil.

7. Then give it time to dry out for few minutes. You will see that the mod podge will dry on a clean form.

8. Having card board under the t-shirt, lay down now the embroidery ring to your current t-shirt. The card board is used to prevent the ink to transfer to the other side of your t-shirt.

9. Begin applying ink right now using sponge. When you are conducting this, be gentle and do not apply strength or pressure.

10. If you desire to add more images to your current t-shirt, this can be done by creating a new drawing on a contact paper. If it’s done, you’ll have to remove the inside of your brand new drawing.

11. Start pulling off the packing sheet on the contact paper. You will then have the clear paper. This needs to be attached on your own t-shirt.

12. Apply paint on the surface area. Don’t forget to place card board again underneath your current t-shirt to prevent the transfer of ink.

13. Immediately after doing it, you can now remove the sheet off from the t-shirt.

14. Let the paint to dry out for a while. When it’s completely ready, iron your own shirt over grease paper.

You now have your t-shirt that is created by way of cheap screen printing method. The operation is simple. The outlined method will be your guide in performing it. This is actually so simple to follow.

Why not try it all by yourself? I know you can do it. All the best!

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