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In the beginning, there was a finger dipped in vegetable juices, smearing the stuff on cave walls. These might be found in odd places throughout the world, depicting the daily lives of those doing the art work. Eventually they came up with other ideas for creating these word pictures, such as using small animal bones and eventually metal tools. Far in the future, brush pens made of rat or camel hair found their way to the hands of writers and artists.

Other methods later on included using quills from the goose. These were hollow and needed to be dipped and re-dipped into the ink medium in order to complete a project. This also necessitated the frequent trimming of these quills, since they did not hold up well. Monks of years gone by used this method until a better way was found. In China, reeds of bamboo were used quite successfully as well.

Just think what could have been accomplished by the writers of long ago if they had the use of the tools now modernly used. Even the pen holding ink in its own barrel was not created until the late nineteenth century. Their works were finished under much more dire writing conditions than found today.

Calligraphy has been a way to show your creative leanings by using a special pen of varying widths to write beautiful missives, wedding announcements included in this. Craft projects can require the use of pens with tips in many forms. The use of pencils and pens to put down your thoughts onto paper has been around for centuries. Personal and business letters and diaries are seen often from the past. Some folks have these things passed down to them from ancestors.

Those who want to have their writing looking wonderful will use some of the most unique pens around. They are the fountain pen and they will most likely be around forever because of the beautiful results they produce. There is also the ballpoint which could be used more than any other pen. When it came onto the market, people went wild because there was finally a pen that didn’t run out of ink, at least for a very long time.

There are many pens and pencils that are produced for special needs people. There are disposable for younger folks just wanting to color or draw for a while and not having to worry about keeping the pen or pencil in some kind of special place.

The highlighter type of pen can be used in studying, if you own the book or manuscript you are studying. These have been a miracle. Reading once, marking important passages and only having to skim back through those pages to catch these yellow lines makes faster studying.

Scrapbook enthusiasts often make use of colorful pens to add definition or interest to their pages of photographs stuck to the pages of their scrapbook. These pens need to have special no-acid types of ink that will not harm the pictures and will last. This writing instrument of today has been commemorated in a far east country by a tall building made in the shape of a pen.

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