Facebook And How To Market Successfully

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Facebook has got to be one of the most used and powerful marketing tools available to online marketers. But when your search and find different MLM based groups, you are hammered with advert after advert about every online business opportunity out there. And that is the biggest mistake that everyone is making. All the adverts that you see are from online marketers who only have one focus and goal on Facebook. Getting their opportunity everywhere for people to see. Read on to see how this is the wrong way to use Facebook.

So you have joined a new online program that you are very excited about and are keen to get started. One of the first marketing tools that you are going to use is Facebook as with good reason. Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool, but only for a few and this is because most use it wrong. You have added friends from ‘home based business’ groups and ‘make money online’ groups and are ready to promote. Everyone in your friends list is a marketer too so they are looking to make money online as well.

Your biggest problem that you are going to face is getting these fellow marketers to leave their “business opportunity” and join yours. And here is why you have almost 0% chance of recruiting them.

They have studied the opportunity that they are in and have spent time, and usually money, to get to where they are within it. The last thing they are going to respond to when trying to push their business along is you trying to get them into yours. This is crucial that you can see this happening and to stop continuing to market this way. If this sounds like you, ask yourself how many people have you recruited on Facebook, really?

So, enough about why you aren’t recruiting and lets solve this issue. But before we do, you have to agree with what I have said previously. If your mindset is “whatever, I’m still going to advertise this way”. Then you might as well close this page and open your Facebook account and get to work. For the rest of you ready to change your ways, let’s start.

Firstly you will need a website or blog of your own or a team website that actually provides you with direct help such as your referral link on the website. You can’t market the correct way on Facebook without a website or blog. Your referral link at the bottom of your little advert isn’t going to work. Are you interested in what other online marketers are posting in these groups or on your page? Of course your not, and others aren’t interested in yours either.

You are going to advertise your website or blog on Facebook and not your “business opportunity”. Once you have good quality content on your site or blog you can send people there. This alone is more powerful than a referral link. If you added a article about Twitter marketing for example on your site you have a reason for people to go there. But don’t setup an ad like this: “Twitter your way to $$$”. Not many people would click your site with that. Try to post like this:

“Hey guys, just thought I would share this site with you that has shown me unbelievable marketing secrets to use on Twitter! And it’s FREE!”

(your website or blog URL)

As you can see above, a lot more people would click through to your website than a referral link. The key is to be different. Make sure that you stand out in the sea of advertising. Whilst everyone else is advertising all over these pages, you stand out by offering these other fellow marketers a solution to their Twitter marketing strategies. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There are plenty of Twitter marketing articles out there which you are allowed to have on your site. But you can have a video of you and your opportunity when they first visit which has great potential to be watched.

I hope that you are able to see the value in what I have shared with you today and also that you don’t stay lazy with your Facebook marketing techniques. Anyone can throw a referral link on Facebook, but only dedicated and smart people offer value and stand out from the crowd. Your referral link is your enemy and once the mindset of this sinks in your online marketing will grow.

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