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Everyone’s Popular Image Will Be Everyone’s Internet Marketing

Comments Off on Everyone’s Popular Image Will Be Everyone’s Internet Marketing 25 December 2010

It’s so easy these days to create a name for yourself. Internet marketing can be as simple as promoting yourself on Youtube. The problem is, that means it’s also easier for other people to promote how unprofessional you are in public sometimes. If you do anything in public that can threaten your good name and image, everyone can potentially see it.

People can put all the pictures of you at a party they want on Facebook where you’ve got the lampshade on your head, your pants off, and you’re groping someone else’s girlfriend with her actual boyfriend looking on mad in the background. This kind of behavior is wrong all the time, but now more than ever, you just don’t know who will see it and when. Go ahead and drink a beer or ten. As long as you’re standing around other people at this party, and socializing, the picture will be fine. Live life as if everyone can see you, all the time.

Acting like a fool in public has never been a good idea of course. Even though your obnoxious actions on the streets of the big city would only be noticed by those around you, and even if the news got called in, who would see it outside your own community? It’s not so, anymore.

Perhaps you could end up on the news, but only if you were being really obnoxious, to the point of dangerous, and it became cost effective for the news to be called in. It used to be, only at that point would you actually end up well known by a large group of people.

That was before camera phones. That was before youtube. That was before people could take pictures of you with the same device that they used to listen to Madonna and talk to Grandma in St. Louis. These days, if you act the fool in public, there is a huge chance that you will end up world-famous before you even get to the restaurant you were on the way to.

A group of only a few strangers is the equivalent of all your customers and clients now. Every single action you perform is potentially right up there for everyone to see. If want to market yourself online, you have to have a publicly professional lifestyle that would go with your product and client base. Pretend every person you see on the street and grungy back alley is your next customer.

And really, nothing much has changed. When you’re walking down the street you generally wear a shirt, and shoes, and pants or a skirt. You don’t yell across the road at people, or flash them, or go around with a full tankard of beer in your hand. Parties and closed gatherings of strangers are only risky if you traditionally indulge in activities in them that would be embarrassing. You should be cutting that stuff out already anyway. You’re an adult.

Your Internet Marketing will not be threatened if you maintain a professional lifestyle when in public. If you pretend that everyone’s eyes are cameras going straight to a live-feed on youtube, you will not be threatened by the exposure to everyone else.

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