Enhancing Writing Competence And Output

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When you are doing business then article writing is not a strange thing to you, as a businessman you are supposed to advertise your business which requires that you write different articles with the right keywords so that you can be easily located when one is conducting a search online, writing different articles encourages search engine optimization and below are the ways you can be able to do this.

First and foremost, begin by writing different outlines in batches, the batches should be written such that they are grouped according to the subject matter, the batches should be made of a list of the same titles under which you can place 3-5 subtopics under them.

You can also use another method of creating the outlines and that is creation of one large list of sub topics which can be used by different articles that you want to generate.

You can then go on and write you articles making sure that you keep them as simple as you can having at least 3-4 paragraphs making the article to be a maximum of 500 words in length

Since you had already prepared the subtopics, you can now write the content of the sub topic in each paragraph, each subtopic should have its own paragraph where the paragraph should contain atl east three sentences but nor more than five with good organized sentence structure.

Make sure as you are going on with this process you are able to time yourself, timing will create the urge in you to improve on your time and this will ensure you improve on your speed and the production of the articles and in a matter of time you will find that if you were creating one article an hour you are now creating around three to four articles per hour.

Try to outsource some of the work to other different online writers known as the ghost workers who have the ability to do the work with you with a lot of ease ensuring that they write the different articles that you would not have managed to write in time and do all the research that you want done on your articles.

What you need before writing is proper preparation and organization, this will ensure that you work your way pout comfortably and be able to write the different articles that you think will make the traffic in you business go up.

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