Employee Retention And Small Business Recruitment

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One of the biggest problems faced by many industries today is the issue of employment turnover rates. In some cases it may be because the work itself is just not the type of thing that people generally stay in over the course of their lives. And in other cases, the problem may be with management. Now it’s only natural that workers should change over time, but where it becomes a problem is when a business is not able to hang onto anybody. This can be a real problem for small businesses because training costs in money and productivity. Here is some advice on employee retention for small businesses.

-Foster An Organisational Philosophy

This may taking a night off and just having your employees mingle and talk to each other. The idea here is to make sure that there are developed guidelines that everybody is able to relate to rally behind. These rules will have to be the type that make employees treat each other with dignity and support each other in workplace endeavors. Some other ways to get a bit of rapport going amongst your staff is to consider offering rewards in exchange for workplace incentives. Pizza or just buying drinks for everybody can go a long way towards making people feel at home.

-Be Generous With Bonuses And Holidays

Another way to encourage individuals to stay with you is to refrain from being too stringent when it comes to letting people take a day or two off. Go ahead and give an especially deserving employee a bonus for something they’ve done. When your workers are performing well and being productive, there is nothing wrong with letting them have that extra bit of cash or just indicating to them that you have seen and appreciated the work they’ve done for you. A company can’t expect to operate efficiently without employees and by making sure that your workers are well-rested and relaxed you can increase their productivity as well.

-Make Sure That Your Wages Are Decent

An employee may very well enjoy working for you, but what happens is an opportunity that pays better has come up. A way to make sure that workers want to stay with you is if you pay people well. This doesn’t mean paying people too much, but what it does mean is that that those who leave purely for salary reasons may be less inclined to do so. If you are not paying well, then no matter what you do the turnover rate is going to be high because workers will always be leaving for higher salaries.

Employee retention is a tricky thing for even larger businesses to negotiate effectively. The reason for that is that many people have different motives for leaving. If business planning is failing to keep workers, that means that most likely something needs to change in the small business tools or management of employees. Some ways to encourage people to stay are to start by fostering a team-oriented workplace philosophy, being generous with bonuses and holidays where possible, and by paying people well for the work they do. The key here is to make sure that workers are in an environment that shows them that employers would like them to stay.

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