Eight Tips to Stay Motivated With Energy Utilities

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It was in 2006 that Ambit energy’s foundation was laid in Texas. The two co-founders, Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless, visualized a retail energy company, which would provide electricity and gas at affordable rates, over a lunch discussion about deregulation. This explains how a company which later became one of the most successful ones started its business.

Ambit energy is different from majority of the companies running in the network marketing business. This company provides gas and electricity, two very important products. New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois are the states which are availing their services. With their eye on achieving an eminent position in the power providing industry, they have already built a customer base of over 200,000.

This company has been issued licenses from the all of the states mentioned and this shows that it has a very stable network marketing business. A very strict and rigid procedure exists for power suppliers for attaining licenses. As talked about previously, Ambit Energy has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas to be very precise. The company purchases its power at wholesale instead of producing power on its own. The end-users that is the customers are then sold this cardinal commodity by the company.

Ambit Energy showed a big increase in takings in a very short duration. The last gross revenue reported was $500 million which was almost doubled by 2010. The Inc magazine gave it the title of Americas number one Fastest Growing Private company last year.

The customer and training services along with the administrative staff of Ambit energy are the best in the industry. The forefathers of the company are supported in their vision by a highly dedicated team of executives. They do not aim at earning huge profits at the expense of their credibility. For anyone interested, there is an open invitation for people to visit the Ambit headquarters in Dallas.

Relating to the services and products, the compensation package of Ambit energy is based. Having the responsibilities of a network marketing executive, you will be paid for adding new customers to Ambit Energys already growing customer database. You will be provided a fee once the customer pays his or her bill.

For future consumers, Ambit relies on your skills as a seller and as a public relations medium for future customers. So, it might just be a good opportunity to try your hand at network marketing with this fast-growing and successful energy provider.

Carl Castilino is a certified engineer and ardent follower of all things mechanical. For further illumintion on this subject of, ambit and ambit energy do visit the links.

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