Earn the Salary You Deserve at Facebook

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Often, the lucky individuals who’ve been offered work at Facebook make the assumption that it’s the hardest part of a typical whole interview process. Actually, it’s the easiest!

How can that be? Well, picture it in this manner. At this stage, you’re curious about having a professional life with this particular famous Web 2.0 social network company, and they’re definitely attracted to you; otherwise, they would not undertake any negotiating at all! It’s simply a matter of getting a mutually agreed-upon package of salary and benefits.

Needless to say, either side will be maneuvering for the best deal. So, the question becomes – how do you finish up getting the best deal for yourself? How do you demonstrate that your skills, knowledge and attitude deserve a terrific salary and benefits?

Remember, these guidelines apply to whatever kind of work you ought to be engaged in at Facebook – Internet Marketing, Internet Security, tech writer, sysadmin, customer service, programming, software developer, etc.

Guideline 1: Know Your USP!

Definitely focus on your Unique Selling Proposition for purposes of salary negotiation. And never undervalue yourself! You would like to radiate confidence. As part of the preparation for salary negotiation, define anything you ought to offer:

– Qualifications

– Education (including Graduate and Other Education)

– Certifications

– Courses

– Specialty credentials

– Other work experience and what you accomplished there

Also, try to find the situation through Facebook’s eyes. What unique skills can you offer that could give them just what the company is looking to get?

Guideline 2: Research Facebook Salaries and Packages

This can be easy to do. There are quite a few sites on the Internet that list Facebook salaries by position. One of the best is as it talks directly with current and former employees of Mark Zuckerberg’s company. The site provides you with an overall view of salaries.

Salaries will possibly vary by position, location, experience, etc. For instance, as of today, an API Software Position salary in San Francisco will average around $112,000 while the salary for the similar position in Chicago will average $96,000.

Guideline 3: Anticipate!

By this, we mean you need to anticipate just what the hiring manager or other person is planning to discuss with you; for instance, review of the position and your responsibilities, questions they might ask you, etc. As we’ve suggested previously, write out any queries a Facebook hirer might have and answers to those questions. Then, role play those questions and answers by using a friend, colleague, or friend. The better prepared you happen to be, the more likely it is you’ll strengthen your hand in salary negotiations.

Guideline 4: Know Your Area

Through research, you are able to figure out how “hot” or “cold” your particular area of expertise is for Facebook and also other companies. That may ensure that you get an idea of how much leverage you have got in negotiations. But, remember, even when your specialty is “cold,” it doesn’t mean that you still can’t negotiate. All it means is that you have to bargain more carefully.

Guideline 5: Adopt an Attitude of Bargaining

What are the reasons we give you such obvious advice? Because many job seekers are afraid to negotiate! So, by being prepared to deal, you’re putting yourself ahead of the crowd. And here’s the important part – most Facebook recruiters/hiring managers are ready to negotiate salary and benefits along with you! Quite simply, they expect someone to negotiate! So, why not meet their expectations?

If you are truly in a position to negotiate for employment at Facebook, we congratulate you. It indicates you’re the best of the best! Now, it’s time to get the best from those negotiations!

How would you like to learn more about how to Get a Job at Facebook? We have numerous resources for your work for Facebook dreams!

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