Don’t Stage Your Home to Sell- Stage it to Live

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Staging your household to sell on the real estate market is an essential section of the home selling puzzle,but why don’t you apply the same methods to residing in your house? Living in a home that is as presentable as the cover of a publication is utterly heavenly. Picture returning home and getting so delighted to be inside your home that you simply do not want to leave- there exists simply not a more rewarding feeling. After a long day, retreat to your master bedroom in all its hotel spender! Make a splurge on heavy linens and luxurious fabrics for your bed linen, and by all means toss that old comforter you have been using simply because it does not bother you anymore. Imagine how nice it will feel to come home and appreciate your home, be proud of the nice things that are there not just for your company, but more importantly for yourself!

Take into account your bathrooms, this is often an room that is overlooked. Speaking about linens, consider your towels in your bathrooms,are they old? Do they have holes in them? Upgrade bath towels with high quality towels and for the maximum of variety select basic white-colored. White will match in your bathrooms and it is easy to alter accessories to vary the appearance of the bathroom, but since you are spending your money on high-end quality linens, it’s possible you’ll as well make them last as long as they possibly can.

The fact is many people get complacent in their home, they simply settle for clutter and lack of organization and is some cases dirtiness. As a Calgary Realtor, I often walk into homes while people are “living” in them and actually are often stunned how people are living in their properties. Your home is should be one of your all time most significant investments, yet many don’t seem to respect or care for their homes.

Additionally there is the do it yourself people. Recently I showed a home that looked impressive in the snap shots, however when we actually looked at it physically the restorations were so inexperienced. It grew to become so obvious that they did their own tile work, laid their own carpets and rugs and my personal favourite, they changed the kitchen cupboard drawer pulls to pulls and didn’t even bother to match the cabinet paint colour to fill the holes left behind. Oh then there is the fact that the cupboard hardware was even mounted twisted. In some cases people it is just far better to hire an expert yes is does will be more expensive, but there is a reason it will! All the smoke and mirrors begins to make you speculate the issues that you can’t observe like plumbing or electrical.

Take inventory on your residence and if you are not 100% happy with the present condition make the changes you need. Your house is your own greatest investment and let’ s face the facts you may spend lots of time in it, you should appreciate it and be happy with it! It ought to be a place you are proud to call home.

Amanda has been a home stager and interior designer for over a decade. For more tips on the home staging process or for more info on preparing your Calgary real estate for sale.

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