Doing Parking Facility Maintenance During The Winter

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As the cold weather blows in from the North and things start to get chilly, everyone knows that the snow and ice will begin fairly soon. This can create treacherous conditions where people take their cars and walk. How we handle these situations can also affect how parking facility maintenance is done without eroding the structure is a concern for many workers involved in the building’s upkeep.

As cars pull into ramps on snowy days, they will bring in with them the snow from the roadway that will melt down. This drips down onto the concrete ground and make things wet. As the temperatures drop below freezing, many of the areas where they will walk will become frozen and slippery.

This situation gets worse when people are walking across the floor and they step onto one of these icy spots and fall. There is a chance that they could hurt themselves when they fall to the ground. If the injury is bad enough to require medical attention, then they might sue in order to cover the costs. These lawsuits cost the people running the garages money and hurts the profitability of the business even if they were to win their case.

While it is difficult to address these slippery conditions everywhere, one should be aware of where they most likely will occur and have a plan in place to prevent freezing. One item that has been used frequently over the years as been the spreading of salt, but salt makes concrete rot and causes other problems.

When salt mixes with water it liquefies and moves into the pores and spaces around the concrete. The salt can actually erode the concrete and cause it to crumble and crack. After time, pieces will break loose and fall, and the structure deteriorates.

Using an ice melt that does not have the effect that salt does will help the parking facility maintenance crew take better care of the garage and keep it safe. This will also make the structure last longer without high costs to repair salt damage.

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