Do You Need Commercial Window Cleaning?

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With the economy still struggling, many businesses are still having trouble staying afloat, meaning that they are looking to increase sales and cut costs. They have to beware of false economies though, and one of the places where the benefits are not entirely clear is with window cleaning. This article is going to explore whether using a company like is worth it or not.

Are Clean Windows Important For Businesses?

For retailers of course, especially high street retailers, the importance of a clean window is obvious. For one thing, if the window is dirty, it makes it more difficult for potential customers to see the products on offer. It’s more involved than that though, and applies to all businesses, things such as this have to be considered:

– Company Image

– The working conditions

– Beating competitors

It will now be explained how these things can be affected by windows.

Company Image

The image of a company will primarily come from the quality of its work. That old saying, that you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fall everyone all the time is applicable here. If the quality of the work is not good then the company won’t last long. Before people will even try a firm out though, first they have to be impressed by the image.

The impression that people get of a company before they have used them comes through the advertising primarily. That is how firms seek to position themselves, and make a case that they should be used above all competitors. That is going to take place in the media of course, but sometimes the building or premises will be seen, and for that moment it is the building that is advertising the company. If the windows are dirty then, it is not going to be sending a good message.

Conditions of Work

So while the business premises of most companies are not actually seen by the client or customer these days, at least not very frequently, the workers see it every day. The way that they think about the company is also very important of course because that will reflect the quality of the work they do. If everything looks pristine, and is in good condition, they will probably feel they have to work hard.

What also has to be taken into account are the light levels. People work better in bright conditions, and it is better if that light is natural rather than artificial. If a window is completely clear, then the light will come through more strongly of course, so that even on cloudy days it might not even be necessary to use artificial lights.

Competition Between Firms

A customer will almost always have a choice between the firm they choose to get their goods or services from, so any way that a business can outshine their competitors is going to be useful. It might seem like a minor point, but as shown above, clean windows are not an overly trivial part of that.

If you provide much better goods and services but happen to have dirty windows, that’s probably not going to matter. However if you are very similar to your competitors, something seemingly minor like that might be the deciding factor in who the customer chooses.

Choosing Window Cleaners

If you’re in a big city and you need window cleaning, London being a good example of this, you’ll have lots of choice as to who you go for. One of the best things to look out for though is the Reach and Wash system, as this is a technique which sterilises the window, keeping it cleaner for longer.

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