Discovering The Excellence Of Royal Sovereign Coin Counter Machines

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When you decide to read this article on coin counter machines, you will be considering one of them because of the features and performance. We give you this info on Royal Sovereign products that you may consider before you decide on buying any coin counter.

If you’re searching for great quality coin counting machine, it is far better which you think about the manufacturer. Be sure that you find the machine that is produced by reliable manufacturer like Royal Sovereign International, Inc. Thus, consider the subsequent paragraph to discover the provider.

This provider has been experienced for many years in manufacturing and distributing appliances, graphic solutions and office products, including coin counter. They supply customers in more than 100 countries with their best quality products which you can rely on. They maintain innovative technology, quality control, and customer satisfaction. The corporation sets its headquarters in Rockleigh, New Jersey.

Royal coin counter machine is known for its high capability in sorting and counting like the accuracy and speed. Before you could say a word, you may consider one of the following coin counters and sorters. Look at features and performance of each unit then choose which one meets your standard.

Firstly, you might consider Royal Sovereign FS-4000 Digital Coin Sorter. This machine is designed with capacity to count up to 312 coins each minute of speed. It features a hopper which may hold up to 800 coins. This Royal Sovereign coin sorter has automatically advance full coin tubes to start filling the next empty one for hands-free operation. Simple and efficient!

Another specialty from this unit, you can make sure that the coins fall right into the correct tubes by using the coin fence. Also, the Royal Sovereign FS-4000 is supported with removable lid to retrieve foreign object accidentally that is placed to the hopper. Furthermore, you can certainly read the result, both the number of coins counted and dollar value from the small built-in LCD monitor. You can use this machine to count quarters, nickels, pennies, and dimes with anti-jammed coins feature. To save money, you don’t need any battery to use the device.

Then you may check out another unit coin counter of Royal Sovereign, the FS-4DA. This machine will ease your task in sorting and counting coin with huge capacity, speed, accuracy and convenience. Indeed, it is created for heavy duty, featuring motor that allows up to 312 coins to be sorted each minute. For easy operation, this machine is made to automatically sort coins straight into wrappers and let the coin tubes lifted out.

The Royal Sovereign FS-4DA can accommodate insertion up to 800 coins at a time in the collection opening. Also, this counting machine features free-jammed coins for accuracy. Like the previous type of Royal Sovereign, this coin counter machine can also be used for counting nickels, pennies, quarters and dimes directly into wrappers and is equipped LCD to show the result of counting.

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