Discover The Numerous Facilities Of Sound Stages NYC

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Sound stages NYC have the identical world-class facilities as those in Atlanta. Having beautiful Spanish Mission Style architecture, the comfort and ease of this production site is adorned much more by its location, only five miles away from downtown Atlanta and six miles away from the country’s busiest airport terminal. The actors like to be near the city. The executives like to be close to the airport terminal. It boasts a large number of shooting destinations which range from mountain settings, to flatlands and sea scenery.

There are actually five stages on location, that together results in an overall total of more than 130,000 square feet of column-free stage space. Sound Stage 5, the third largest stage eastern side of California, has got a spectacular 37,500 square feet of production space. EUE/Screen Gems Studios found in Atlanta, the same as their sound stages Nyc, offers the best structure in the state of Georgia. Featuring its very own lighting and grip inventory, EUE/ Screen Gems offers consulting services as well as related equipment for film and television productions on the lot and on location, along the East Coast. The hands-on expertise of both staff as well as producer desired goals have gotten EUE/Screen Gems in Atlanta a status as a extraordinary as well as economical boutique lighting and grip company.

The 27,000 square feet of office production space really adds to the illustrious facilities of the campus. The five big production suites have office fixtures, heating system, air conditioning unit, cleaning service, routine maintenance, 24-hour access as well as enough vehicle parking. Customized digital phone systems as well as wi-fi Internet are also provided. Amenities on offer are convention suites, hair and make-up, wardrobe rooms, stockroom space, and truck and movie trailer parking which has easy in and out access. EUE/Screen Gems in Atlanta consists of over 2,500 first class local crew as well as an Atlanta production tradition which is conscious of, recognizes and is committed to serving the makers of feature movie, TV, and commercials.

Having only not too long ago been founded, the studios in Atlanta are only a fragment of what precisely are EUE/ Screen Gems. For almost ten years, EUE/ Screen Gems has already established a long yet profitable reputation of making movie, television, as well as commercial ventures of the best calibre and wants to keep its long line of achievements in Atlanta. EUE/ Screen Gems wishes to diversify its productions and then make the most out of its great studio in Atlanta. EUE/Screen Gems in Atlanta has a promising future with its location as well as ideal features. Completely equipped with new studio space and a sprawling campus, EUE/Screen Gems in Atlanta, Georgia is any movie maker’s best sound stage solution.

Additionally, sound stages NYC have a Broadway Stages in Brooklyn, New York, as it makes a good name for itself as the very first solar-powered sound stage facility in the world. The solar panel installation will be a contribution to improve the neighborhood as well as aid offset the carbon footprint. The facilities rooftop solar panels cut electricity bills by more than $70,000 yearly, and produce enough power to prevent the burning of 75,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Broadway Stages the very first solar powered sound stage in the world will be a shining illustration of renewable energy investment as well as its numerous positive aspects including the creation of green-collar work opportunities and growth of the local green-economy.

Sound Stages NYC are soundproof, hangar-like structures utilized for movie and TV productions. In addition, a Soundstage NYC makes it easier for the production team to design and construct the sets to be used.

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