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Direct Mail Ideas That Work

1 Comment 06 July 2010

Direct Mail

Although online marketing has become a large part of many offline businesses, marketing methods that may be seen as ‘old’ are still very useful in a lot of markets. Direct mail is one of the older methods that have been recently overlooked, but is still a great proven method to promote your business and products. The ROI is easily calculated by the use of coupon codes or special website addresses that can keep track of the conversion rates. Look in your weekly ‘junk mail’ pile to see how businesses are attracting new and repeat customers. If these methods really did not offer ROI, ‘junk mail’ would be something of the past.

In order to help you improve your ROI from your direct mail efforts, here are 10 tactics you can use to increase your new customers and increase the retention of current customers. If direct mail is new to you, this list can help you make the right choices improving your ROI from the very beginning. If you’ve been in the direct mail marketing world for a while, this list may give you some ideas for fine-tuning.

1.  Use Full color – Color increases the vibrancy of your postcard or brochure, which will catch more attention and improve the ‘quality’ your business represents.

2.  Glossy paper – Just like a full color postcard or brochure, glossy paper adds another dimension to your message. The smoothness and shine your postcard will keep the attention of the prospect for an extra second, which may mean the difference between being trashed immediately, and being read.

3.  Use print and direct mail firm – There are many online printers that are more than willing to help with your direct mail campaigns. Obviously, is a great resource on the best online printers and offer special coupons that’ll help you save money. Aside from that, having an outside firm handle your direct mail campaign will mean less stress and more time for you to plan your next business move.

4.  Product pictures – Although text ‘talks’ to your prospects, having photos of your product or the results of your ‘service’ will be worth a ‘thousand words.’ Postcards and brochures are limited in space, to make the best out of it by using relevant images.

5.  Coupons – Who doesn’t like to save money? knows that and offer you the best coupons for the top online printing companies. Just like us, your customers love to save money, so try adding a coupon with your message and see if you get better conversions.

6.  Sales promotions – Just like coupons, a sale is always welcome to the prospect. Try limited time promotions that are time sensitive, so the prospects will be urged to act now.

7.  Include testimonials – Testimonials offer the prospect a chance to see what other customers have experienced. Our prospects are humans and as humans, we place value on what others say and experience.

8.  Offer a guarantee – When a transaction occurs, one party is always made to carry the risk of the transaction. Put this risk on you, the business and make it easy for the customer to say yes to the purchase.

9.  Test campaign – Everything is a test. Just like the marketing guru Jay Abraham says, treat every as a test. How did your direct mail campaign go? How can you improve it for the next round? Keep testing and improving your ROI.

10.  Follow up – So your direct mail campaign brought in new and returning customers. Whenever this happens, don’t forget to follow up with them. Keep your business on their minds. In a time where distractions are everywhere, people will forget about your business if you’re not constantly communicating with them. Take a few of the mega corporations; why do you think McDonalds or the Coca Cola logo is everywhere you turn? It’s because this keeps your mind on their products.

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