Developing E-Commerce Community and Traffic–5 Key Tips

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Although product sourcing and understanding the secrets of obtaining low-cost goods is vital for your online home business, it is also essential to understand how to use the Internet to funnel traffic to your site and to develop a customer community around your business. There are many strategies to help accomplish this. What you choose to do ultimately depends on your business plan. For example, strategies include online auctions, search engine optimization (SEO), the use of forums and message boards, time management skills, and the creation of multiple income streams. In this article, I will share a selection of what I believe to be vital tips.

Tip One: With thousands of online users spending large amounts of time participating in online communities like chat rooms and message boards, it is logical to believe these functions would help increase traffic on any website. This is an easy and inexpensive way to draw traffic to your site and can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. If you think this may work for you, simply sit down and decide which method to use. Then choose the best plan for adding the online community to your actual site, whether it is on the homepage or a secondary page. Once everything gets rolling, you will be shocked at how effective establishing an online community can be for increasing your website traffic.

Tip Two: You can always offer a small chat area right on your homepage. This can be a great idea for those website operators who want to place the largest emphasis as possible on their online community function. It can however distract viewers from seeing other areas of your website, so be careful when setting your homepage up in this manner. The best thing to do is to create an easy link right to the chat or message area from the top half of your homepage. This allows the user to get right to the intended area.

Tip three: A basic understanding of search engines can be invaluable in driving customers to your site. Google’s search engine is based on page rank, a complex algorithm that was revolutionary when it was invented. This page rank is the primary reason that Google is so popular. The Page Ranking technology that Google has created and the evolutionary steps that Google has taken to increase the strength of its algorithm has made it a search engine giant that has assumed a major role in the success of ecommerce merchants. Basically, Google checks the number of links to each site in its database, and treats them as ‘votes’. By understanding how Google and the other search engines rank sites, you can influence the position and prominence of your site in the search engine pages.

Tip Four: Make the most of the opportunities that come to you. You should always expect success in everything you set out to accomplish. Internet marketing requires perseverance and hard work. If you want to succeed as an internet marketer, you must take full advantage of each opportunity that comes your way. Do not wait for the creative urge to hit. Create the urge. Concentration is one of the secrets of success. Apply yourself to the tasks at hand. You will accomplish more in one hour of giving your job your complete attention than you will after a whole day of aimless effort. Internet marketers must learn to be dedicated to success.

Tip Five: The ideal form of income stream is automated, expandable, will fund itself, and will require no ongoing maintenance for the internet marketer. In other words, the ideal income stream would be a sort of perpetual motion business machine. The degree to which you can automate your business depends on a number of factors such as your personal business plan, your business style, and the kind of online business you choose to operate. Here, I’m suggesting you consider multiple streams of income. For example, if your ecommerce area is clothing, then you might look at generating other streams of income of related products and niches. Rather than put everything on one site, you might consider running multiple domains promoting distinct slices of your product niche.

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