Dental Assistant Salary: Projections For The Future

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Dental assistant salary is the subject of this article. Researchers for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected in 2010 that the demand for dental assistants is supposed to raise by 38 percent by the year 2018. This expansion would mean that around 120,000 positions would be created during this time. An increase in demand for this field will also mean an increase in average salary.

2010 records from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the average oral assistant salary was around $16.40 per hour and near $34,100 for the year. For those in the top ten percent of this particular job, they averaged around $47,000 per year and nearly $22.60 per hour. Those in the bottom ten percent of this job averaged around $22,700 per year and near $10.90 per hour.

Many factors are involved in causing the big differences for the dental assistant salary. Education level and amount of experience are both large factors deciding how much a certain person makes during this type of career. Of course, entry-level dental assistants will not earn nearly as much money as a tenured assistant. Also, those individuals who earn degrees are also usually earning more income than those who received certificates or diplomas from dental programs.

Another big factor in the amount individuals earn in this field are contributed to the state they choose to practice in. All states vary in the salaries they produce for this particular job position. The demand level of this particular position in each state, and the area of the country that each state lies will both impact the dental assistant salary. The five largest average earnings by state for this position are:

District of Columbia- $22.90/hour $47,630/annually
Alaska- $20.20/hour $42,020/annually
New Hampshire- $20.02/hour $41,640/annually
Minnesota- $19.79/hour $41,170/annually
Connecticut- $19.32/hour $40,180/annually

Another factor in determining a dental assistant salary is the actual environment that the dental assistants work in. This difference in job industry can affect the amount of money they earn each year. Government jobs and specialty jobs tend to yield higher wages than jobs in dental offices or physician offices. The top average earnings by job industry are:

Specialty Hospitals- $18.58/hour $38,650/annually
Federal Executive Branch- $18.33/hour $38,130/annually
State Government- $17.14/hour $35,650/annually
Psychiatric/ Substance Abuse Hospitals- $17.12/hour $36,610/annually
General Medical/ Surgical Hospitals- $17.12/hour $36,610/annually

While these numbers show the estimated average earnings for each job industry in different states, one must also take into account the multiple benefits that are associated with being a dental assistant. Some of the benefits that oral assistants receive are big discounts on various dental procedures and even paid vacations. This again is varied from state to state and relies heavily on whether you are a full-time employee or not.

When compared to the training involved, the dental assistant salary far outweighs the cost. The dental assistants across the US will continue to increase as the salaries for this position keep rising.

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