Custom Printed Materials That Can Be Used For Self Defense

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Women are more probably perceived as the weaker gender but that does not mean that every woman should let their weaknesses prevail and never fight for their lives in cases of emergencies. Then again, there are people who have to deal with the darkness of the night and come to parts of the city where danger is rampant. That is why it is very important that one must learn self defense. A black belt in judo or any martial art isn’t required in order for you to turn away from crooks lurking around. Simply learn the basics of self defense and you will definitely protect yourself when the situation calls for it.

Aside from your hands and feet, you can eternally make the most of any personalized product inside your pocket, bag or purse. No, they will not be put to use according to their natural functions. Instead, you can take dominance of these items as your weapon whenever you are caught in extraordinarily sticky circumstances. Aside from the personalized key chains, what are the other corporate logo items that you can adopt as the extension of your hands?

Pens- Everyone could have a customized pen inside their pocket or in their bags. Take it out and take its protective cap and hit your attackers’ sensitive portions of the body like the eyes, throat and the groin. Personalized pens are sharp that it can even pierce the skin in one very forceful stab. These products vary in size. You can have it dangling in your custom printed key chains or key rings.

Cards- for close encounters with your attackers, you can carry the sharp edges of cards. Just break the card and let its sharp edge cut the skin or any sensitive regions of your attacker body. They will assuredly moan in pain and it will provide you an opportunity to run away for your safety.

Mugs/Glasses/Bottles – You can exhaust any glass merchandise or any water bottle that you have in order to hurt your attacker. Throw it on his face or hit them on the head. This will furnish you a leeway to run away. Don’t mind if your beloved water bottle breaks. Your life is worth more than a cost of a water bottle.

Key Chains and Key Rings – These promotional products that you got for your car or you just obtained from trade expos and promotional events can actually be your weapon of defense. You can carry the tip of the key to scratch the skin of your attacker or you can point it on the bad guy’s sensitive parts like the eyes. You can also throw the key tag attached to this custom printed key ring on his face. The pain that it will cause will clearly hand you the opportunity to escape and run away.

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