Concrete Grooving as a Safetly Feature in The Work Place

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Do you work in an area where the floor is often slippery and made of concrete? Perhaps you are indeed the boss of a workplace that has a potentially hazardous concrete floor. Concrete is an extremely popular material for floors due to its versatility and price, making it within doubt the most common flooring material around. By adding concrete grooving to your floor you could easily solution this problem, making the work place safe for all around. Everywhere you look around you will find old fashioned concrete floors. Your old school yard was for sure made of concrete, but nowadays the surface will certainly have been replaced by a softer and less dangerous material. Concrete is still present in many everyday situations such as parking lot and in work places such as the dairy farm.

Concrete is used as flooring on so many circumstances in life as it is cheap as well as versatile. But, when concrete becomes really dangerous is when it gets wet. What is already a very hard surface then becomes slippery and hazardous. For sure you have slipped on a side walk in the rain before, or getting out of your car on the driveway?

Concrete floors in public places have brought about much controversy in the past with many a law suit being filed; well, if you happen to be the manager of a work place with a slippery concrete floor, then adding grooving would be a great safety measure. If your work place gets wet, such as a dairy yard or a car lot, then this type of grooving really is essential to ensure the safety of all those around.

One of the most common areas where we find slippery concrete floors is in the cattle yard. In the dairy farm, it is essential to keep the floors clean between millings in order to comply with health and safety regulations. Constantly hosing down the floor of the dairy yard however makes it extremely slippery, making this one of the most essential situations where concrete grooving is a must.

Concrete grooving is economical, and simply involves adding tiny grooves to your existing concrete surface in order to make it non slip. This process can be carried out in small sections so as not to affect milking schedules, and is simple and economical yet highly effective. If your work place is made of concrete and is slippery when wet, concrete grooving is the best answer all round; that way you will avoid be the next boss to receive a law suit when a worker or animal falls.

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