Comparison between Shared Webhosting and Free Web Hosting

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You have started your new online business and a website too. Now you need to look for a reliable webhosting service for your site. If you are new you may not know how to choose a webhosting service. This article will guide you to select the best hosting service for your site.

Hosting services are divided in to shared webhosting and free webhosting. Free webhosting is not ideal for online businesses because it has lots of disadvantages. Even small business people prefer shared webhosting and the reasons for choosing this service is highlighted below.

1. When you subscribe for shared hosting, your site will be completely monitored by the hosting company. So, you will get ample time to concentrate on your online business. The hosting service provider is duty bound to solve the server problems. If you choose free hosting service, you need to monitor your site functionality. This is definitely difficult for all the webmasters. It becomes your responsibility to find whether the server is working properly or not.

2. Shared hosting customers are offered with unique packages. Some websites need certain features and others do not need it. So, according to the requirement of the customers, the shared hosting packages are available. It is the choice of the webmasters to pickup the right package. Also you can save a lot on your package as not all the packages are of similar cost. Free hosting does not offer you this facility.

3. Shared hosting service is definitely reliable when compared with free hosting services. There are lots of people using shared hosting because of its reliability. But, you should always look for the company that is professional. Do a small research and find out the reliability of the hosting companies. If any of the hosting company gives 100% reliability, then do not subscribe with that company. No, Webhosting Company can offer you 100% reliability.

4. Lots of free to features are offered with the shared web hosting. If you want to widen your business, then you should definitely use these features. All these features come as a package in less cost. Some of the key features that all the webmasters look for is Shopping cart, mailing list, RSS Feed, Guest Book, Blog Pages, Archives and so on. Even though these features seem to be a simple one, website that aims growth should have all these features. Especially, if you have an online store you need the feature like shopping cart.

5. When you choose shared webhosting you will be given trial period. Normally, the trial period is offered in between 14 to 45 days and depending on the hosting company the trial period differs. This trial period will help you to find out whether the webhosting company you have subscribed is reliable or not. In case if you are not satisfied you can switch over to another webhosting company.

6. If you want professional technical support for your site, then you should choose shared webhosting. All the shared hosting customers will also get multiple email accounts and PHP access.

If you are looking for hosting service at affordable price, then go for shared hosting. This hosting service will suit small, intermediate and also large businesses.

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