Common SEO Blunders You Could Be Making

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If you’re an online marketer, it pays to know something about search engine optimization. What makes SEO so valuable is that it’s the best way to generate many targeted visitors to your site for free. Since the traffic you get this way is based on your chosen keywords, it can’t get any more targeted than this. Yet beginners to SEO, and even marketers who have been at it for a while, often make certain mistakes. What follows are a few of the typical mistakes that can be detrimental to your site’s ranking and reputation, so be wary of them.

The first and primary thing is that anything you do that is correlated with SEO makes it vital for you to be unfailing in your efforts. It’s a mistake to think that SEO is just a onetime effort. Obtaining a website which categorized according to objected keywords could take several weeks and occasionally months, depending on the type of competition. If you aren’t regular at it then achieving a higher status can become quite tricky, due to it requiring you to put in efforts and devote yourself to it. Even once you have reached a decent level, you’ll still be required to maintain that level. It’s not really that easy but at the same time it’s not difficult if you’re taking steps to achieve your goal every single day.

Your anchor text, then, should be the targeted keyword you want to rank for, whether it’s “housebreaking a puppy” or “article marketing tips.” On the other hand, if you make the mistake of using something like “click here” in the anchor text then this will obviously send wrong signals to the search engines, for which you may also get penalized. Don’t use any hidden text on your website because this will raise a red flag with the search engines and may get your site penalized. Double-check that all of your text is totally visible and pertinent. There are some webmasters that attempt to fool the search engines by utilizing hidden text to enhance their s position, though this is just another short option and won’t work for too long.

In other words, don’t use your main keywords excessively in your site’s content because that will be looked down upon by the search engines. Keyword density, or the percentage of your content that contains your keywords should be between four and five percent, so use these terms with care. There are some marketers who assume that if they can use their targeted keywords in excess on their web page, search engines will see that page as important. This is a serious error, though. Keyword stuffing should be avoided, as the search engines will quickly find out if you’re doing this.

The more you practice with SEO, the better you’ll get at it, so don’t worry about making a few mistakes, as long as they’re innocent ones. This is one area of online marketing that is constantly evolving, so it’s important to innovate and gain knowledge about new techniques and methods as you go along. It’s never too soon to work on optimizing your site so you can start to enjoy getting more targeted visitors to your site.?

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