Choosing the Best Business Holiday Gifts

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As the calendar pages turn, winter is soon upon us. The retail industry is planning for the big Holiday gift giving season and professionals in every industry search for that “perfect” holiday gift for their coworkers, boss, customers and clients.

Not every office gives holiday gifts. But understanding the corporate culture and exactly how holiday gifts are handled is critical. You don’t want to hand out super fancy, expensive gifts when every employee is participating in a “Secret Santa” gift exchange. That will only result in hurt feelings and some coworkers feeling disappointed or left out. Some professionals get very anxious about holiday gift giving, hoping to find that “perfect” gift. Fortunately there are quite a few “perfect” holiday gifts to choose from and often you have a variety of choices.

One of the top secrets to choosing that “perfect” gift for your recipient is to know a bit about them. Do they spend all their free time on the golf course? Do they love chocolate? Do they read every bestselling mystery novel the moment it comes out? If you can’t think of a hobby, interest or something special that stands out – try talking to the intended gift recipient for a few moments. Ask them what they did this past weekend that was fun. Or what their favorite hobby is. A quick conversation could help give you the inspiration to help find that perfect gift idea that will make any coworker smile at holiday time.

Two Popular Favorites – An Easy “Slam Dunk”!

Gourmet food of many types is one of the most popular choices for business holiday gifts. Choose something decadent like chocolate truffles or gourmet cupcakes. Or try something on the healthy side like nuts, dried fruit or orchard grown fruit. One of the best things about giving gourmet food for the holidays as a business gift is that you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of choices to select from. It’s easy to find fine coffee and espresso for that coworker you know always enjoys a good cup of java in the morning. Or to get barbecue sauce for your boss who spends every possible weekend with his family, grilling and barbecuing delicious meals. Choosing gourmet food lets you buy either individual or “group” gifts for the office like large fruit baskets or large tins of gourmet chocolate and caramel drizzled popcorn.

A popular business holiday gift to send is a promotional calendar for the coming year. That promotional calendar could include a holiday or general greeting from your company and your logo or picture of your company or employees. There are many reasons to select a calendar as the ideal gift. Every office and department you know will need at least one calendar. It keeps your contact information easily at hand for customers, they won’t have to search through their Rolodex, but just look up at the wall and there it is! It’s easy to make a promotional calendar but try to make your calendar especially attractive, funny, entertaining or unique in some way. Remember that many companies or departments receive promotional calendars during holiday times. You want to be the very first and favorite calendar they select to hang in the position where everyone will see it each and every day.

Try to Avoid Giving These Gifts at the Holidays in the Office – and Anytime

Some gifts are too personal to be given in the workplace. There are also some gifts that at first thought seem “perfect” but might be totally wrong. Here are a few no no’s to avoid:

Victoria may have “a secret” – but keep her gift cards and merchandise as a personal gift and not as a business gift, even to a coworker you know well. It’s just too personal.

Alcohol to some seems to be “full of spirit” but some have negative opinions of alcohol. Avoid offending, and keep alcohol as a personal gift for family and friends.

Food gifts can be ideal for many, but for the weight watcher, diabetic or health conscious, stick to a healthy option. Give fruit, gourmet coffee or tea, nuts – something that is a special treat but won’t stick to your waistline.

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