Choose your Advertising Campaign in 3 Steps

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Choose your Advertising Campaign in 3 Steps

3 steps to choosing an advertising campaign

Choosing an advertising campaign can be a daunting task even if you are a seasoned professional. If you follow the 3 steps I have outlined below, you’ll be able to set a nice foundation for your advertising campaign.

  1. Preliminary overview of your advertisements: Do you already have a few prospective advertisement drafts ready? If so, take your time to have people (preferable in the target market) look and interact with your advertisement drafts. Which ones do they like? Why do they like it? Do they understand the message clearly? How long did it take them to understand the message? Does the message you want to convey, the message the viewer gets? From your drafts, choose the ones that scored the highest to be taken to step 2.
  2. Make necessary adjustments and take it live: Take all the comments and insights from the first step and implement them into the chosen drafts. The final number of advertisements you use may differ and will depend on the target market you are trying to penetrate. (Marketing budgets also have a significant impact on how many ads you will run) Take your ads live to get them tested in the ‘real world’. You’ll notice that some ads will perform better than others. Now you’re ready for step 3.
  3. Analyze the results and repeat: Analyze the top performing ads and the poor performing ads. Why is one performing better than the others? Note your observations and expand on top performers and cut ads that are performing poorly. Depending on your budget constrains, make sure you give ample time to test each advertisement. This final step should be a continuous improvement process to maximize your ROI.

The above 3 steps will help you maximize your advertising dollars and improve profits/membership/donations. Keep track of data you obtain from the ad performance to use and implement in future advertisements. Consistent tweaking of ads will go a long way in achieving your goals. The 3 steps will take time, but as long as you follow these 3 basic steps, you’ll find the perfect appeal for your target market.

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  1. prntmsr says:

    This is a good refresher post. The 3 steps are simple, but very relevant. Its so easy to forget the basics when you’re overwhelmed with making creatives and getting advertisement deals, and having deadlines set by management. I’ll have to bookmark this page so I can check it out once in a while.

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