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14 Typography Terms You Should Know

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typography is seen anywhere

typography is seen anywhere

In the world of mass produced designs, typography is usually considered later in the design stage because uninformed customers prefer designs that pack a punch visually rather than convey the true message of their business. But as more and more information is conveyed in print, we have a need to understand typography whether or not we are in charge of the design. The more you know, the more detail you will be able to discuss with your designer/printer, helping relationships and providing higher quality work.

Roman: This form is used most commonly. It is basically the regular form of the typeface.

Italic: When the italic form is applied to the font, the font usually slants to the right. Usually used in quotes.

Bold: Bold is pretty self explanatory. It is a thicker, heavier form of the font. Great for emphasis on words or sentences.

Light: The opposite of bold, when the light font is applied, each character becomes thinner. Although on most word processing programs include the ability to bold, italicize and underline text, but light is usually used for graphic art applications. Continue Reading

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Print Advertising is Alive and Well

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With the advent of the Internet and online advertising, I’m constantly hearing things such as ‘print is dead’ or ‘online advertising allows for more metrics.’

Although these claims might be convincing depending on the situation and the goal of the marketing campaign, print is still a valid and extremely powerful tool that we can use to spread brand awareness and market your particular products. As marketers in the past calculated ROI with promotional codes and a phone numbers on their print advertisements, we can still do the same to calculate the response rate. Furthermore, we can create special webpages for visitors of print advertising to visit and learn about your product or service.

Although we may see a day where all forms of books, magazines and newspapers are delivered digitally, whether it be though a computer, hand held device or displays that mimic today’s good old paper, a physical book, magazine or flyer still offers more tactile feedback than just staring at a monitor. We need to also consider the market we’re after. Are you after the techie market? If so, digital marketing methods could probably grab more attention. But on the other hand, it can be opposite because of newer generation Internet users may have developed a mental screen for digital advertising. If you’re after a market that has limited access or dislikes computing, print advertising may offer much higher ROI than that of digital delivery.

Until monitor technology and other forms of displays and paper alternatives see a significant improvement, you can bet that print advertising will prove to be effective.

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Giving a calendar as a gift goes a long way in both business and family

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Calendars make a great gift

Calendars make a great gift

It’s never too early to begin your calendar design and printing for the coming year. Calendars make a great gift for people you do business with, along with family members. After being in the marketing department of a medium sized business, I always looked forward to a fresh new calendars at the end of the year.

From the point of the receiver, calendars are a very useful gift in planning and increasing productivity. Although one might think that since everyone gives out calendars at the end of the year, that their calendar will probably end up in the trash, but this isn’t the case if you create calendars that offer great value to the user. (I’ll be covering ideas and tips for creating great calendars in a later post)

Today, I’ll be highlighting some benefits of online printers when it comes to calendar printing.

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10 Awesome Free Font Websites

1 Comment 09 December 2009

Do you want to expand your font collection? Are you in need of more creative fonts to accent your designs?

Here are 10 awesome websites that offer free fonts. Some are completely free, but some may be free for personal use (not commercial) so make sure you read the details before using it on commercial work.

da font free font website

1) Da Font

This site is one of my favorite ones because of its easy to use website, which makes searching for the perfect font an enjoyable task.

1001FreeFonts free font website

2) 1001 Free Fonts

This site is also similar to Da Font and has an easy to use interface, which makes font searching easy.

urbanfonts free font website

3) Urban Fonts

fontspace free font website

4) Font Space

Font Space offers a lot of very creative fonts. Although the artwork is spectacular, heavy use of fonts that are radical may compromise readability.

webpagepublicity free font website

5) Webpage Publicity

This site has over 6500 free fonts for download.

acidfontslogo free font website

6) Acid Fonts

Acid Fonts has a very neat 3D font maker. Check it out if you want to add some 3D fun into your work.

abstractfonts free font website

7) Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts has close to 13,000 fonts available for download!

fontfreak free font website

8 ) Font Freak

One really nice feature about Font Freak is the option to download ALL the fonts on their website as one download!

downloadfreefonts free font website

9) Download Free Fonts

This website uses a black background which really accents the fonts.  Download Windows or Mac fonts with one simple click.

actionfonts free font website

10) Action Fonts

Action Fonts has over 10,000 fonts available for download.  If the first 9 sites didn’t offer you enough fonts, check this one out.

Do you have a favorite free font website that you didn’t see on my list?

Comment below and let me know!

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