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Print Advertising is Alive and Well

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With the advent of the Internet and online advertising, I’m constantly hearing things such as ‘print is dead’ or ‘online advertising allows for more metrics.’

Although these claims might be convincing depending on the situation and the goal of the marketing campaign, print is still a valid and extremely powerful tool that we can use to spread brand awareness and market your particular products. As marketers in the past calculated ROI with promotional codes and a phone numbers on their print advertisements, we can still do the same to calculate the response rate. Furthermore, we can create special webpages for visitors of print advertising to visit and learn about your product or service.

Although we may see a day where all forms of books, magazines and newspapers are delivered digitally, whether it be though a computer, hand held device or displays that mimic today’s good old paper, a physical book, magazine or flyer still offers more tactile feedback than just staring at a monitor. We need to also consider the market we’re after. Are you after the techie market? If so, digital marketing methods could probably grab more attention. But on the other hand, it can be opposite because of newer generation Internet users may have developed a mental screen for digital advertising. If you’re after a market that has limited access or dislikes computing, print advertising may offer much higher ROI than that of digital delivery.

Until monitor technology and other forms of displays and paper alternatives see a significant improvement, you can bet that print advertising will prove to be effective.

Advertising, Brochure Design, Copywriting, Marketing, Offline Marketing, Theory

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When You Create Brochures

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A cluttered brochure design distracts the reader from the message

A cluttered brochure design distracts the reader from the message

Although the word ‘brochure’ is tossed around quite a bit, brochures can go a long way in branding, educating and marketing your intended prospects. Depending on your goal for the brochure, the strategies used should be different, but no matter what you want to convey with your brochure, you’ll need to catch the attention of the reader in order for the brochure to be effective.

Here’s a few quick tips to get you started on your brochure design.
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