Car Insurance Marketing Explained

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Each time I hear or see an advertisement for motor insurance cover, I immediately become attentive. I suppose it is since I work in that space daily and take great interest in the work I do. The two main drivers here are cover and price. Throughout the Celtic Tiger era, everything concerned cover. Today in a recession the focus for challenging pressed motorists has evolved dramatically to price.

When I see an ad appearing for ‘motor insurance coverage from 250’, I immediately think of perception, because in reality, less than 1% of those applying is eligible for such a rate and the majority pay close on twice that, on average. So why is such marketing allowed? So long as the Insurer is capable of showing a live instance of such a quotation, then it can be perfectly legitimate for them to use it.

This form of marketing drives massive calls to that insurance provider and works very nicely for them. As soon as the call has been made, then the first objective has been reached. Pointless a 17 years old male learner motorist reacting to that particular ad, as they do not qualify and won’t get a quote. When they do it is going to be for ten times that, at the very least.

The 250 being advertised is fundamentally for a woman of 60 having a full clean record, driving a 1 litre vehicle less than 5,000 miles each year. Do they really exist? Obviously they do, you should know thousands of them your self! In reality the majority of car owners been sought by the advert will likely be aged 35 to 55 having a family automobile, having received higher renewal terms for their 2011/2012 renewal invitation.

My suggestion is to shop around and contemplate all options. Compare and contrast what you might have with what you’re being offered and in no way assume you are being provided the very same cover that you are familiar with. Never assume that it is going to never happen to you, so don’t reduce your covers without having due consideration.

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