Business card holders their part in your business

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One of the most important things you’ll ever need out of the office, beyond your phone, beyond your laptop is your business card. Business cards can be given out, put on display in a suitable business card holder, written on with special messages (or notes if you’re collecting and given them) – business cards are, in fact, still one of the strongest tools in a business person’s arsenal.

Card holders and displays are designed with the proportions of cards in mind. Whether you’re designing a card holder to hold and store a few cards, or a lot of cards, the most important thing is that the cards actually fit the display stands. Card holders should therefore be designed to ensure that they not only fit the cards but allow them to be removed without damage. Once this design basic is met, the next most important concept behind business card holders is that they should be austere.

Austerity and elegance aside, the most important thing in the design of business card holders and display units is ease of use. As long as it meets all of the design criteria, and doesn’t damage your cards, business card holders are probably one of the most practical tools you’ll ever use out of the office – either on display stands or elsewhere.

Pocket business card holders range from slim – holding only around eight or ten cards, these are designed for you to carry your own cards – while others are designed to hold dozens or more. If you consider what you need, depending on the amount of cards you tend to give out at any given event. While it’s easy to carry extras in a box that you can also store in a pocket, professional storage of your cards can also be a talking point. Design and aesthetics aside, your cards should be stored in an easily accessible unit.

A few years ago, people started wearing badges at events with ‘hello, my name is’ and then their name written in marker or pen. How about taking that one step further and the next time you’re asked to wear a name tag, wear your business card instead? You may also need to wear a name badge for people to see, but wearing your business card gives an instant visual link to you company and you. You can also use your business card at your name place – consider either propping it against your actual name card or slotting it into a purpose designed stand. You can buy these simple pieces of desk furniture with ease, but they can make a massive impact – almost as much as wearing your card on your lapel.

Depending on the environment you intend to use your card holders in, will depend if they are designed to be used in a permanent position – such as on the front of a reception desk, or on a stand or other display area during a convention. Card holders that are ‘static’ – such as when they are consistently left on a reception desk or other area can be discreetly attached to ensure that they aren’t accidentally knocked over or pushed off the desk for any reason. These static holders can be replenished as little or as often as required. For portable displays, the first thing you need to consider is how light the display needs to be to transport, but ensure that it’s still heavy enough to stay put on a table display.

One major aspect of business cards, are their designs. There are many companies out there from VistaPrint to Moo Moo that allow for unique designs whilst ensuring that your cards contain a minimum amount of information – but the question often becomes ‘what information should I give?’ Experts suggest that whatever you feel is important to your work should appear on your card – your name and personal logo if required should be prominently displayed on your card. Your most used contact points should also appear. If you’re a mobile worker, or have no fixed desk, or no extension that directs to your phone, consider giving your business mobile number. It’s of paramount importance that people can reach you without worrying about interrupting you and that you’ll reply quickly.

You can also use business cards to refer other people to contacts you’ve made. In some cases ‘swap meets’ are organised, and in others you may just have an idea of an ideal person for a project or colleagues need. Whether your business cards are a collection of colleagues, service people you’ve used in the past, or both, ensure you keep them in a business card holder and leverage them to ensure that your business gets the best out of them.

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