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I’ve always been a health supplement enthusiast. I have spent the past five years studying not only preventive health but diet and medicine as well. My experiences have given me the opportunity and the insight to follow the ever changing MLM industry. All of these experiences have piqued my interest in the emerging XIMO Health business opportunity.

As XIMO approaches its release date, the fate of the company may be decided by the results of the initial launch. Although the outcome of the company may show to be different than these first results, more often than not, these results will make or break a company- especially one based around a single product.

Now, the real question is- What is XIMO?

XIMO is a new energy made from a combination of green tea, the FDA banned ephedra herb and other ingredients. While I am not always in agreement with the FDA (I have used banned natural medicines successfully in the past), in the case of ephedra, I believe them to be right.

According the Wikipedia entry for Ephedra, “There are no formal requirements for standardization or quality control of dietary supplements in the United States, and the dosage of effective ingredients in supplements may vary widely from brand to brand or batch to batch… Studies of ephedra supplements have found significant discrepancies between the labeled dose and the actual amount of ephedra in the product. Significant variation in ephedrine alkaloid levels, by as much as 10-folds, was seen even from lot to lot within the same brand.” These findings coupled with a reported death from another mixture containing ephedra create questions of its worth as a health supplement.

While the information may be startling, there may have been other factors, such as taking pills excessively. If the issue was about the addition of the plant itself and not it’s extract, it might not have even been an issue except for the fact that it seems excessive for such a simple exercise supplement. The plant itself has been used in Chinese Medicine with much success, but extracts don’t always carry the same benefits- e.g. the coca leaf, a high source of calcium on it’s on, but is used to create a deadly drug.

How does the XIMO Golden Energy Health Drink get around the ephedra ban? It manages this with adjustments to its formula to exclude the banned ephedrine alkaloids rather than by entirely removing ephedra content. This adjustment doesn’t make the ephedra safer — it removes the primarily elements that have a medical benefit, those associated with a temporary increase in energy, leaving only those that place a burden on the body. To compensate, this drink is infused with caffeine and other herbs with stimulating effects. The result is an unhealthy drink that you should probably be worried about.

The lack of positive health benefits could potentially have a dominating role in your XIMO business. Not only do the loopholes utilized to overcome the ephedra ban beg the question of the life of the product, but they make for a weaker energy boost than people would search for.

I personally would not put any of my money or time into this product for a couple reasons. First, the FDA does not approve of this ephedra supplement, even though there are many supplements that are outperforming pharmaceutical drugs. Second, it is always risky for your company to approve and market a substance that only exists on a loophole that would be examined and corrected at any moment. If this happens, XIMO might possibly be left with no product, no money, and numerous lawsuits to deal with.

However, these results are unlikely, yet still possible. With so many other options available, such a risk is foolish.

P.S. XIMO has 96 fans on Facebook (, a relatively small number in that context. It doesn’t mean much to say that I have quite a few more than that.

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