Build And Manage An Article Directory As A Marketing Funnel

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Yes, creating and managing an article directory is a lot of work, however the benefits enormously outweigh any inconveniences along the way. We do understand that some may take one have a look at Ezinearticles and related directories and think there is no such thing as a benefit to creating their own. You can create an article directory and use it solely for the good thing about other sites you own. Take into account that once the directory is receiving some visitors, then you can use it for rising publicity to different sites, or for yourself. There aren’t any guidelines about what you need to use an article directory for, so you can make it for any topic you want. There is a lot that can be finished with an article directory, it just takes a little bit additional thinking. The techniques listed below will work for bringing in long-tail traffic for keywords such as “does perfect skin really work” or stronger keywords like “hunting.”

You might think that you have to be a technical wizard or have a large bank account to start an article directory -not true. You have all kinds of new possibilities now, many of them recent developments in scripts and software. Actually, you can find a number of affordable article directory scripts for either a WordPress or PHP based article directory. These automate the whole process of building an article directory, and they aren’t at all expensive. One such software that’s easy to find is Article Dashboard. This one is better than low cost, it’s completely free (as of now at least). As long as you have a web hosting account you can install this software, and you can build your article directory. With free software and an easy set up process, what’s holding you back?

You can monetize your article directory in a wide variety of ways. Naturally, you want to make money from this, but you also have to think about visitor experience as well. You can even use calls to action that are not necessarily in your face. Be sure to avoid annoying your readers, of course. This is a necessary in the creation of any site, sales copy, or advertising. But do not forget one important thing which is tracking and testing all over your site. There is so much that you can accomplish by testing, and so you always should do it. That is the only way you can optimize your article directory for maximum impact and conversions.

Managing duties, for a small or one person business, calls for you to do all the marketing activities. So we highly recommend you involve as many of the usual marketing strategies as possible. You may want to stick with what you know and can do best, but still there are very many ways to do this. But it is good to pay attention to what is going on. As you engage in those various marketing methods you will be building valuable backlinks to your own article directory. Obviously that is what you want to do because you know the value of backlinking and SEO.

If you already have existing niche sites, either authority or mini sites, then you can greatly benefit from including an article directory associated for those sites. Take care though about your IP’s should you do any cross marketing and seo for them. You may know about how some will have a blog and a site on the same domain; we are talking about cross marketing from different domains. You can get far more powerful benefits from an article directory that is developed.

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