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Online Reputation Management, or ORM is the monitoring or addressing search engine results pages, or SERP. ORM also picks up content from other online media such as YouTube or Facebook. ORM has become important in recent years because of how the affect an Internet search can have on an online business.

Most business owners or operators don’t think twice at how their site is searched, which is a problem. Since the wave of the Internet hit us, the way we perform Internet searches and use online media and social networking has changed how we look at businesses. With the rapid spread of communication and data, Internet searches have affected online businesses negatively.

This is when ORM came about. Online business owners and operators sought out solutions to overcome bad publicity or press and improve their online reputations. Luckily, ORM strategies rose to the surface as the demand to change Internet search functions increased.

Some of the positive PR and marketing activities going on online include encouraging online businesses to take part in today’s influx of social media and interaction. These activities and techniques include creating a social profile, or a Facebook page for example. Another example includes creating a blog.

Blogging and Facebook used to be something that was associated with younger generations, however it has grown to become something everyone does online, now matter its purpose or function. This goes for online businesses too. Most professionals today have a Facebook page and write a blog. Some even hire writers to contribute to and maintain their blog for them. Either way, contributing and getting involved in social networking will no doubt increase your online reputation.

Blogging used to be just a fun pastime for the younger generation. However, it has transformed into a gateway of expressing professional knowledge and expertise. Blogging on a regular basis will keep your information fresh and updated. Readers will look forward to what you post, which will ultimately help improve your online reputation.

Facebook pages and profiles and blogs have changed the face of Internet searches because there is more content available on Internet searches now more than ever. When blogging or posting to your Facebook page, search engines pull keywords from your content and display the articles in the search results. This is how a lot of bad press began to escape, but this is also how you can help save your online reputation.

Posting content, be it a blog, press release, or an update on your Facebook profile, is key to improving your online reputation. Keep the content that you are proud of in the top search results and keep the bad press down. You’ll see a huge difference.

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