Beauty Quest: What Women Really Want

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In Mary Kay’s on-going quest to provide the products, services and business opportunities that women around the world are looking for now and for the near future, we just completed a major global research project that we called “WWW” or “What Women Want”. We had learning sessions in 7 countries where we are selling Mary Kay products across the globe. In addition to the United States we also met specifically with Latina women in the US, Mexico, China, Russia, Brazil, Korea and Ukraine. Women were randomly selected from among a larger group who met the age, lifestyle and other factors that we were interested in, and each woman selected was asked to invite a good friend to attend the session with her. It was great fun getting to know these women and their friends, and hear all about their lives, their careers selling Mary Kay, how they used technology and their feelings about beauty.

On this trip our discussions with our participants were directed away from selling Mary Kay products and directed to finding out each women’s thoughts concerning her beauty needs. “How are women making their cosmetic purchases”? Was one of the main inquiries. Another was “How are these purchases being made”. The answers were as varied as the women we surveyed. Turns out their purchases are made in every manner available to them..and then some including buying their girl friends old make up. Above all they were all interested in things like easy access and convenience. All were pleased with the way we are selling Mary Kay products. The Mary Kay Representative is always knowledgeable and above all, available.

Lets just have fun was the motto of the day as we learned more about what women really want in their beauty needs. “We want control of the experience” they said “some days me and my girl friends go out to just try on make-up” said Julie Sanders “we want to be able to try it on, see how it feels, see how it looks, and put it back if we don’t like it, its a girls prerogative to change her mind if she wants to”. “If Julie doesn’t think its cute on me then I won’t buy it” added long time friend Stacy Coontz. Turns out that friends and family have a great deal of influence over a women’s buying decisions when it comes to making her purchases. Yes, above all I think women want to have choices, look pretty, get pampered and have fun says beauty and fashion expert Londa Schexnayder ” and giving them that is the reason you become a Mary Kay representative.

Women are also interested in having a trusted advisor to direct them and guide them in their purchases. People who are good listeners and have their best interest at heart. “Its nice to have some one you can trust to tell you the truth about what works and why it works” they said. Some one who can take a holistic approach and advise them on their fashion and jewelry as well as the right shades and colors that fit a particular occasion especially in an industry that changes every season. All the advantages that come along with working with a representative selling Mar Kay.

Being in control and having choices makes me happy” says Christina Fuentes. That shouldn’t come as any surprise to this industry since that is what women have always wanted. If its going on my face and I’m spending my money I should get exactly what I want..including the experience. So cancel all the rules and let me buy what I want, the way I want and take my time doing it and I’ll be happy.

“But, Mary Kay isn’t here to just sell make up” says consultant Londa Schexnayder marketing Mary Kay is about giving women confidence and power. The power you get when you know you look and feel your best. It was the crusade of its founder Mary Kay Ash and is carried on by women around the globe. Is that all that women want? we ask.

When that question was put to our women the resounding response was “an opportunity and institution we can trust”. Its no secret that woman generally seek out people and institutions they feel can be trusted anyway. That resolve has been magnified due to the kind of greed and corruption that brought the world economy to near ruin. So women are opting in large numbers to do business with institutions and people they feel they can trust.

Perhaps this is the reason for Mary Kay’s extraordinary success. It is a company built by woman for woman to give them opportunity on an even playing field. When asked what are the selling Mary Kay pros and cons Londa says “I get to work with extraordinary women who were looking for the same things I wasthe opportunity to make as much money as I believe I’m worth, the flexibility to create my own work schedule, The freedom to live my life on my own terms”. All of these things are what makes the Mary Kay opportunity so appealing.

And the cons? We asked”Its’ not get rich quick” says Londa “but if you’re willing to work as hard for your self as you are for other people you can make as much money as you want; and I love the Mary Kay code of ethics God, Family, Career in that order.”

In beauty, just as in everything else these days, those who are best at giving the women what they want will be the most loved brands. Throw in an extraordinary business opportunity that selling Mary Kay provides and its no wonder why so many women want to sell Mary Kay and become a Mary Kay Representative. How about you??

Londa Schexnayder has been beautifying women for over ten years. Be sure to check out her report on anti_aging . Her excellent guide creating_income_on_facebook is available for a limited time, get yours now.. Also published at Beauty Quest: What Women Really Want.

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