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Being in business means getting the pulse of what customers want, how you can gain their interest, and knowing what will sell, among many other things. It also means knowing how you can create a profitable company, as well as discovering the best practices that will make for a more encouraging and productive working environment. The ability to spot talent and potential within the company is also a crucial thing. After all, employees contribute a lot of work to the company and the company should in turn make sure that employee development remains high on its list of priorities.

It has to be said, however, that it is not unheard of for some people to be resistant to employee development, which can come in the form of trainings and workshops. Generally, if an employee has been in an industry for a long time, it happens that he or she may think that he or she already knows everything there is to know about any methods or programs that are applicable to the industry. After all, he or she has been in the field for a while and has seen it grow and develop. Being sent to a workshop can therefore feel like a waste of time.

If you yourself are being sent to undergo training or a refresher course, you should learn to keep your reluctance in check. Remember that this is an opportunity for you to learn something different, or maybe relearn something that you may have forgotten about or have not really been doing in your job. Keeping your skills fresh and updated is part of employee development and this will ensure that you are adding value to yourself as a part of the company.

But what do you do if you are already in the course and you’re finding that you already know what is being taught? First of all, fight the urge to just quit, roll your eyes, or tell your classmates that you already know those things. Pay careful attention anyway and see if any of the suggestions or lessons are something you are actually applying to the letter, and recall how each of them contribute to making your job easier. Stay on the alert for any new information as well. There may very well be a different piece of information that will be integrated into the workshop.

Always remember that you should look at courses and workshops with fresh eyes and an open attitude. You may already know many things about the tools you need for your job, but it’s a good idea to recognize that you don’t know everything, and that further learning and training could help you improve.

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