Basic Trade Show Exhibitor Guide to Effective Marketing

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Trade shows are a useful tool to get your name out there in the industry, make contacts and sell your product. However, shows are not cheap, so before you start the trade show route you need to be very clear about what your goals are for attending shows. Here are some tips for effective marketing of your next event:

1. Compared to other marketing mediums, trade shows are expensive. You need to clearly set your goals. Without clear metrics and established goals, participating in a trade show is probably a waste of money.

2. Send out letters about your show. Direct mail is still the best way to inform a potential attendee that you’re exhibiting at a show.

3. Make use of the latest technologies available, including video, pictures, social media. Sending tweets from the floor shows you’re in touch, reaching out, and keeping non-visitors in the loop.

4. Team up with complementary businesses at the same show and put together a joint promotion that drives visitors to all of your booths.

5. Visit your competitors’ booths and pick up as much literature from your competition as you can. It’s a great way to gain insights into what they’re currently up to.

6. Shoot a live video in your booth interviewing people who have just sampled your product or service.

7. Prepare your staff for a trade show by videotaping them role-playing. You’ll be amazed how much they’ll learn upon playback.

8. Visit the show’s website. It’s usually packed with great information if you just look for it.

9. Effective post-show follow-ups include sending personal notes, thank you letters, reminders of expiration dates on show specials and any media coverage of your show appearance.

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