Basic Information You Should Know About Offset Printing

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Many significant tasks in a business such as maintaining flow of information within the company and marketing the products of the company need printing service. Therefore it is helpful to learn about the basic working of the frequently used printing process called offset printing.

The clients and the printers like offset printing due to its cost effectiveness for the production of large number of prints. Hence for bulk orders any good printing company would recommend you to go for offset printing.

This printing technique uses oil-based ink, which the water can not dissolve. In offset printing, rubber blankets act as intermediate for copying the image on the paper, which is originally on the plate.

The first step is preparing the images. Earlier the images were produced by creating film negatives and were then transferred to aluminum printing plates. This is no longer required as the technology is available for making the plates in one go through an image setting system. The subsequent step is to transfer the plate on to a cylinder such that it is spot on. Then the water and ink are spread on the image plates, in that order. While the ink gets fixed to the image, the water gets attached to that part of the plate which has no image so that the ink does not spill beyond the image.

Next, the image is inverted when it is transmitted to a rubber blanket which is attached to another cylinder. After that, sheets of paper of required proportions are put together and the rubber blankets transmit the image to the sheets on a third cylinder, where it comes out as the correct side.

Printed sheets are stapled, pasted, or assembled in any other way as needed and the printing company sends them after giving some finishing touches.

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