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If you open the internet you will find hundreds of ways to generate traffic and achieve higher ranking for your site. But, the one that is not missed by any of the internet marketers or affiliates are article writing. This strategy also comes under your budget.

Article Writing is preferred by all the internet marketers as the investment is zero in this method. The result is positive only when your article is written with good quality, which means, your article should be well written with some valid and valuable points, with good grammar and so on. The website that aims to increase the profit and get quick visibility in search engines should definitely rely on the article writing strategy.

If you copy any of the lines or content from other sites and paste it in your article, then your article will be added to the spam list. The information that is original and interesting will make the audience to spend more time in your site. Article writing is also a search engine optimization technique, so if you use it wisely, the result will be tremendous. The purpose of posting articles is to generate traffic to a site that is not doing well in search engines. So, by giving quality articles and inserting the search engine optimization techniques you can make your site to appear in the first page of the SERP.

You could have heard about backlinks, the offsite optimization of strategy used by the webowners. Article writing is one of the effective ways through which you can build healthy inbound links to your site. Through articles you can create backlinks to your blog/site and get your site noticed by the audience through search engine results page.

The article should be written with SEO concept. So, you should first select few keywords for your article. The keyword should be selected based on the business you are doing. The keyword should be evenly used in the article to make it a perfect one to get higher ranking.

While writing the article, follow the keyword density rule. Most of the internet gurus prefer to add 2 to 5% of the total content. When you use the keyword more than the limit your site will be termed as spammy. Using less times will not help you to increase your ranking in SERP.

Keyword inclusion is very crucial in your article writing, but your article should not look artificial with the excess inclusion of the keyword. The keyword should not be used in all the lines and you should know how to spread it in all the paragraphs. The keyword inclusion is necessary to increase the incoming traffic to your site.

You can use more than one keyword in the article writing. When you use unique keywords you can impress the readers as well as get exposure in the search engines. The keyword should be definitely included in the article title, first and last paragraph of your content. There are numerous renowned article directories like ezine, articlebase etc. where you can submit articles on any topic and generate traffic.

As I said above, if your article is of high quality, valuable and with good grammar, then you can easily drag more people to your site. The article gets its professional look only when it is divided in to short paragraphs. If you are offering tips to the audience through your article, then highlight them with bulleted points.

The article created with SEO rules will be sensed easily by the search engine spider and given higher ranking.

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