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PGA or Professional Golfers’ Association is a well known real estate brand in the world which has multiple golf championship courses. Apart from this service, it also has prides in having a multitude of clay tennis courts with state of the art facility, a professional fitness centre, an exclusive clubhouse which provides dining services solely for its members, caterers, and social events all throughout the year. This community is also popular for PGA National homes, resorts and clubs.

The houses of this community are situated in the heart of the Palm Beach Gardens. They provide every convenience and facility that a five star resort provides. All parts of this community like the tennis court, the racquet court, the golf court and even the spa bars are made keeping in mind the comfort and luxury of the owners.

The houses of this community are located in a prime location. It is only a few miles away from the airport. The community is surrounded by many options of dining. On either side of it you will find Shula’s Steak House and Ironwood Grill.

Various numbers of adventure and relaxation surrounds this community houses. One can simply hit the spa bars to relax and get some relief from their work pressure. One can actually pamper himself by availing the number of options in these spa bars.

If you are looking for sort of sports then you can go to any one of the five golf courses to play golf. You may also go to the racquet and tennis courses if golf is not your cup of tea.

PGA is a very a very popular brand in the world but PGA National homes are not that well known. But the houses have great custom designs with excellent ambience. You will get beautiful view from the houses and the security system is also very tight so that you feel safe 24 hours.

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