Airbrushing Isn’t For Painting Cars and Walls Only

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Airbrushing is not new to many of us. We mostly hear it in construction and other hardware stuffs. But sadly, airbrushing is noticed only in the field of car painting or graphic designs. They are often co-related with manly stuffs and other masculine activities. But due to great curiosity and innovation, airbrushing has stepped into a whole new world, the world of make up design.

In the past years, make up artists uses sponge or cottons or any media that can apply make up in our faces. And as most of us observe, it isn’t easy to do it that way. But luckily, because of human ingenuity and technology advancement, airbrushing was introduced in the world of make up. Foundations and other make ups are now sprayed to the faces in a form of quick drying liquid. This allows make up artists to have a more dynamic way of designing our faces.

The secret to this almost magical effect is that the airbrushing can provide a very fine and tiny foundation through liquid emission. Even if zoomed in, you can see the even application of foundation of make up. If compared to images, airbrushing can provide a high resolution picture. Even with a skilled designer, perfection like that is almost impossible if manual or traditional application is used.

The good thing with using airbrushing in make up design is that it can use the make up efficiently and evenly so you wouldn’t have to worry about excess make ups that are often discarded. Also, it can last for twelve hours with out breaking under normal circumstances so it’s really one the bride’s favorite make up. It delivers a natural translucent look and does not require powder which is said to be a main cause of skin ageing.

Women are more dynamic and more curios nowadays and airbrushing might satisfy this craving for a better way of applying make up. Although it’s a bit costly because it uses an air pump and special make ups, still it is a great innovation to combine make up with airbrushing.

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