Advertisements on Trash Cans

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People are always trying to come up with innovative ways to advertise their products services businesses and events. Trash can advertising may be one of the most nontraditional ways of advertising to come along in a long time. People are bombarded by ads while watching television listening to the radio reading a magazine or flipping through the newspaper. With so much advertising overload one ad seems to blend into the next with none standing out or staying in the consumers mind.

Advertisements on trash cans makes sense when you think about it. Generally waste and recycling bins are plain and boring. Something in the background that is needed but not something that gets much attention. However when there is color and interest added to the boring old trash can that will definitely draw the eye to it curiosity will draw the consumer to read what the can says.

There are some things to keep in mind before deciding to advertise this way. Be sure that it is allowed you do not want to break any laws. Think about the size of the trash receptacle that you wish to use. Do you want one can or more? Will your advertisement be enticing? You do not want to create and eyesore. If you have a large ad use larger enough cans. However that being said you do not want to overshadow the scenery of the area that could upset potential customers and hurt business instead of helping business.

Be sure that the waste and recycling bins you are using are sturdy and well made. You will want them to be able to stand up to wear and tear. Often these barrels will be abused and tossed around after being emptied. You do not want bins that will crack and break. You want your ads to be shown in the best possible light. Invest in good quality bins. You want bins that will not rust corrode or break apart. If your bins are broken reading your words will be that much harder.

You may feel that one trash can is the same as another but that is far from true. If you look you will find different shapes sizes and styles. While trash cans are generally not decorative or dressed up as household items usually are you should still do your best to find one that is as attractive as possible. You do not want to put your name on anything that is unattractive broken corrodedor worn out.

The next time you are wondering where to put your advertising dollars give trash can advertising some thought. It will cost you less than many other forms of advertising. Yet it is different and not seen much so it will attract attention. It is so unusual that you may even find that people seek out your advertisements on trash cans to show others. At the very least one who sees it will most likely talk about it to others who were not with them at the time. Most people do mention unusual sightings to friends and family. This can draw even more attention to the product or service you are talking about. Try this creative alternative to the same old boring ads and see what it does for your business.

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