Advantages of surrogacy in India

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Hiring surrogate mothers or renting a womb for a conceiving your child might just seem the last resort to actually become a parent. Also for those men who are either single or gay, without their involvement into a relationship, and yet wish to enjoy the joys of fatherhood, surrogacy ensures children who are actually your progeny. Children born out of surrogacy may be conceived through gestational methods and be connected to the couple, or, may just be partially identified with parents in cases of gestational method combined with an egg donor. Do not be bogged down by issues related to infertility and medical conditions which are preventing you from realizing your purpose in this world. Just take the decision and once having done so, you must weigh all the options available to you. While you are selecting the best for your child, consider India as an option to search for a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy in India: Quite a state of affairs: In India the surrogacy cost is not only cheaper than US and other countries but also Medical tourism has strengthened links of medical fraternity which lays down strict criteria for surrogacy. In India generally surrogates are between the ages of 21-35 years, which increases the chances of conceiving in a single go. Most of these women are not only married but have other previous healthy deliveries which again ascertain the chances of triumphant conceiving. Also in India hospitals maintain a detailed history of family, blood transfusion, any addiction, record of miscarriages, post natal problems, medical and surgical issues of the surrogate mother. These are further screened for STDs like HIV, Hepatitis B, VDRL and Hepatitis C. Such five star facilities in Indian clinics ensure couples to select India as their favorite destination for surrogacy.

The success rate of Surrogacy in India is 45% when a fresh embryo is used and 25% in case of frozen ones. The second advantage is the price is which is reasonable. The total treatment will not cost you in between $6000 – $7000 which is quite cheap considering the rates of UK and USA. The parents also enjoy the benefits like date of birth certificates with their names as parents, which is taken care by the hospitals.

Summing Up
The Indian Government has also legalized Gestational surrogacy and not the traditional one. The difference being that in the traditional type the child born is a genetically make of the male partner and the surrogate mother whereas in gestational surrogacy the surrogate mother has no right on the child and the child is not linked to her in any genetic way. Hence, the child is actually the genetically identical to the couple hiring the surrogate mother, and has their DNA. This surrogacy doesn’t cause complications of parentage and is generally advised to couples.

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