Activate The Inner You With A Lime Green Color Scheme

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One of the natural greens, in the same category as forest, Lime Green represents freshness and tranquility, an all natural balance of warm and cool. It’s the colour of the 4th Chakra, one’s heart. Lime encourages individuals to try something totally new and initiate change. The colour is connected with money, wealth, hope, growth, motivation, energy and reward. It’s a soothing colour, pleasing towards the senses. It chills and relaxes helping to ease depression and anxiety.

The link between the colour and prosperity is well demonstrated in the range of lime green automobiles produced by the Italian motor company, Lamborghini.

The stimulating qualities of the shade turn it into a good colour to brighten an area where you need to be productive, like a study, a office at home or sewing room. Decorate with lime colored media for example curtains, wall hangings and cushions. Accent the office with add-ons in lime – your mug, telephone and maybe even your laptop computer!

It is also a funny little color. As an example, Lime Green Jell-O has been declared the ‘official’ food of the American State of Utah. Be careful if you are wearing a bandana of the shade in a gay and lesbian bar, or you might find yourself unexpectedly getting sprayed with whipped cream — the color is code for sitophilia.

The term ‘limelight’ has nothing regarding either the fruit itself or its wavelength in the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Instead, it is referring to the use of calcium oxide to produce light. Interesting, since it is the ‘green room’ where actors wait until it is time to go on stage. In some belief systems, green is associated with resurrection and also regeneration, except inside Iran, where it means paradise.

The fruit juice contains high levels of vitamin C and is a component of many popular cocktails, gimlets, sours, margueritas and daquiris to name a few. It is an ingredient in an internationally popular soft drink. Rivers and beers have been dyed this hue from time to time in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

Along with oranges, grapefruit, lemons and avocados, it is a member of the citrus fruit family. Orange juice, also full of vitamin C, is a hugely popular breakfast drink, along with grapefruit. Pink grapefruit is an exceedingly popular fragrance, appearing in scented candles, room sprays and various cleaning products. Brewers spend huge amounts of time blending various varieties of hops in order to achieve a grapefruit flavor in popular craft beers.

The avocado is the odd one out compared to its citrussy relatives. The fruit is soft with a single large seed. Its flavor is delicate, making it the ideal candidate for mixing with garlic and chilli in the popular dip, guacamole. Spread on toast with a light dusting of salt and a few drops of hot pepper sauce and it is a terrific pick me up for breakfast. It was hugely fashionable in California at one time as a color for bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances and white goods. It was not uncommon to see refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers in this colour.

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