Abayas Are in Vogue

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The current Bride Show in Abu Dhabi has seen an impressive collection of embellished abayas. Two of them from Oshia Style Models were ultra luxurious and extremely wonderful and were worth Dh 100, 000 every. Abayas by Smooth Women, Attractiveness Princess and Queen were as well showcased in this show. Thereby, we see that the world of style has open handedly accepted this ethnic Islamic wear. What originally started off as a standard Muslim wear for females to cover themselves up completely in front of other men, is now been incorporated into the model world as a new style.

Abayas are used to cover all the things under the shoulders, just one’s palms and feet are left bare. Traditionally these were obtainable in dark, however , with changing times even the Muslim community has lost convinced of its rigidity and hence, they are too obtainable in vibrant colours these days.,. These are in demand and are very comfortable as well.

How is it different from a Jilbab?

However an Abaya is somewhat identical to a Jilbab, they have their differences as well.,. The variation lies in their sleeves. The sleeves of a jilbab are sewed to the principle form of the cloak, whereas an abaya is a single piece of cloak. Its cut itself includes the sleeves without stitching it. These have impressive necklines, sleeves and bases with heavy embroideries.

Their patterns

. Several of the regular patterns are:

* They are commonly created of light materials, like lexus crepe and satin.

* They may be open front throughout their entire length or they may be completely closed.

* Most of them come in popular and intricate models varying shape geometric models to floral ones.

* They might too be designed with heavy embroidery in gold and silver.

* Quite a few of these are too styled with beads, sequins, multi coloured crystals, and Swarovski gems (for the high end designer ones)

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