A ‘What The Bleep’ Approach To Economics: Stephen J. Dubner, James Scott and Steven D. Levitt

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In current economics three names stand out as the revolutionary minds that have both armed the public with knowledge to gain a foundation of comprehension of the way economy functions as well as a practical understanding of the factors that contribute to diagnosing the fickle field of fiscal theory.

In the bestselling book ‘Freakonomics’ by Steven D Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner they pull back the curtain to expose the realities of statistics gathering and an ‘in the trenches’ observation of the inner workings of alternative markets that influence mainstream economics. The correlations made in the book on topics such as the influence of Roe v Wade and the downturn of crime are considered by some to be controversial but legitimately arguable nonetheless. This book gives the reader facts to investigate to broaden their knowledge of all things economics with a fun and interesting read that flows nicely to maintain reader interest.

The next step to this public education initiative is the rapidly growing Zeitgeist movement, more specifically ‘Zeitgeist Economics’. This is the combination of philosophy, economic theory, applicable processes and sociological concepts that cater to regional stimulus without governmental intervention. This alluring yet ultra-complicated field of economics has been placed on the shoulders of globalization strategist James Scott, founder of Princeton Corporate Solutions.

‘Z.E’ takes followers down the twist and turns of the rabbit hole to discover the aspects of subliminal public policy introduction using PSYOPS strategies to grease the wheels of implementation, all-encompassing globalization and trade activation formulas and the actual application of legislative and entrepreneurial unification for actual stabilization of regional and global economies without traditional ‘debt based’ economic theory such as fractional reserve lending or other debt driven ideologies.

With the global crisis comes the public outrage and stemming from this outrage is an educational initiative that was never meant to be but evolved with the international demand for answers as the public is now engaging their political leaders armed with the knowledge provided by the likes of Levitt, Scott and Dubner.

The The Lords Of Strategy, and Freakonomics Mind read, learn and evolve.

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