A Man of Integrity with Genuine Desire to Help Others

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Jay Kubassek has become a famous name in the online marketing industry. But who really is Jay Kubassek? Farm hand, Midas Muffler Salesman, Internet Guru, Off-Road Racer, Indie Film Producer, Father, and Entrepreneur. This is how Kubassek was portrayed in the indie film 99%: The Method. This uplifting movie he produced himself features his life story, his struggles, and his rise to success.

In 2007, Jay co-founded CarbonCopyPRO a company valued around $20 million dollars. This company totally changed the industry of online marketing and education. He is a living proof that everybody, in spite of background, has the ability and potentials for success. He had a dream and held on to that dream. Six years ago, Jay wasn’t any different from anyone else. He worked as a muffler salesman in Kansas City, dabbled with a part-time home based business to reinforce his earnings and make ends meet, maxed out his credit cards, and was in financial ruin. Prior to moving to Kansas City to become a salesman, he worked as a farmhand in his native Canada. Like most of us he dreamt of making it big, to be his own boss, to take control of his life, and live the life he wanted. He relied on his experience, talent, conviction, and instinct to realize his dreams. For months, he carefully crafted a plan on ways to provide people with strategies, techniques, marketing tools, and skills to help build up a business. With this, came the birth of the wesite oneyearplan, later to be rebranded CarbonCopyPRO. With his commitment to succeed, Jay went from being a farmhand, to a muffler salesman, and ultimately to become one of the movers in the network marketing business.

The PRO group of companies enabled him to support other people who were in his shoes years prior – men and women with ideas, those who are prepared to take the necessary steps to realize their dreams. Jay does not only want to contain the wisdom, skills, and insights that he has only to himself.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is also an avid extreme sports enthusiast, one of his hobbies is off-road racing. He participated as a lead driver in the 2008 Baja 100 off-road race. He was among the 15% of drivers who finished this physically and mentally demanding, longest, and possibly the most dangerous off-road race in the world. He also launched his indie film production and distribution company, Aliquot Films. He has collaborated with Spike Lee and Abel Ferrera. In fact, a film produced with the former premiered at the Canne and Tribeca film festivals. Involvement in film making provides him a vehicle for his artistic side.

Jay is very much involved in a number of causes such as fighting against poverty in Africa, making clean drinking water accessible for millions of people in developing countries, supporting research on immunosuppressive treatments, and many others. Above all these, Jay is a husband to Jaime and a father to Milo and Miki.

Men with integrity and genuine desire to help others, just like Jay Kubassek, are few and far between in this world.

Jay Kubassek aims to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs all over the world to succeed through his tips and strategies. He is not just one of the best entrepreneurs. He also loves sports and he’s into film making. Jay is also very much involved in a number of charities.

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