A Guide To Shop Bathroom Showers

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Do you want to switch over to a different bath shower? With an arena of bath showers in place, you are quite likely to be puzzled when it comes to shopping a shower. Here are some tips that would help you get a hang of the various types of showers.

Shower Valves (Manual Type) – Being one of the most common type of shower valves, these type of showers have a single lever control. The single lever control will help in controlling the temperature and water. These are easy to operate and are available at reasonable prices.

Shower Valves (Sequential) – Lots of questions keep arising on the usage of these valves. The working of a sequential valve is same as that of a knob on a cooker. The shower turns off completely when you turn the lever in clock wise direction. The shower turns on if you rotate the lever back. A sequential valve helps you handle the full pressure of the valve at one shot. You can also increase the water temperature by rotating the valves.

Concealed and Exposed Valves – Concealed / Exposed refers to the way the shower valve is mounted on the wall. A concealed shower valve is built into the shower wall so that most of the valve is hidden and only the control levers are visible. An exposed valve is mounted onto the shower wall so that the whole mechanism is visible. Many shower valves can be mounted either exposed or concealed.

Electric Showers – Electric showers are basically used to produce warm water. Since these type of showers require only a cold water supply, these don’t require any major plumbing work. These type of showers are widely popular in en-suites.

Triple Shower Valves – A triple valve has three controls; one for the water flow, one for the temperature and a third which is usually a diverter. The diverter is useful if you have two shower heads. It’s becoming more common to have a fixed shower head above the shower and a hand-held shower head as well. The diverter on a triple shower valve allows you to select which shower head water is fed to.

Thermostatic Type Of Shower Valves – One of the primary goals of these shower valves is to maintain the temperature in an even by coping the temperature and dual water flow feeds. No matter even if the cold water supply gets un-operational, the anti-scald safety feature helps in cutting down the water flow.

Shower Valves (Concealed and Exposed) – These valves are called concealed/exposed because of the type of wall mount. Being in built in the shower valve, a concealed valve showcase only the control levers and hides most parts of the valve. On the other hand, as the name implies, the exposed shower valves are mounted on the the shower wall in such a way it is completely visible. The shower valves can be mounted either concealed or exposed depending on your needs.

Electric Showers – Electric showers heat the water as it passes through the shower so they only need a cold water supply so you have simpler plumbing and don’t need any hot water to run them. Electric showers are particularly popular in en-suites.

Power Showers – A power shower is basically a shower with a built in pump. A power shower needs both hot and cold water supplies. A power shower does not heat the water; it pumps water through and increased water pressure, giving you a stronger shower. Power showers are ideal where you have low water pressure, perhaps in a bungalow.

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