A Completely Automated Drip Campaign

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While relatively new, marketing automation systems help to mechanically warm leads and prospects. Basically, marketing automation systems automatically move prospects down the sales funnel. To give you an idea of the flexibility of a promotion automation product, I have listed the following campaign that has been used productively by different real estate agents.

1) Lead capture – A prospect lands on a landing page that has a form to fill out in exchange for free comps of their area.

2) When a possible client provides their contact information, they receive an email with the free report or give-away that was used to get their information. Different geo-targeting advertising systems such as AdSense can be used.

3) Now the promotion automation system sends out an automatic email that looks like it is personal and from the real estate agent. The email not only looks like it is from the real estate agent, but will go directly to the agent if the recipient hits reply. Often the email will direct the prospect to view an web video.

4) The next day, another email mechanically goes out asking if the prospect has had a chance to view the online presentation. The automated email also asks if the prospect would like to get regular market updates and what form of communication they would prefer: phone, email, or text message.

6) If the prospect has chosen to receive text, the system can set the system up to automatically send a text message to the prospect giving them some more information on current market conditions. It may sound tough to do in 160 characters, but it would be the same as a Twitter tweet.

5) When this text goes out, a to-do action is put into the agent’s task list with instructions to call this lead today. This is the point where many agents would make first contact as the prospect already knows who they are.

7) Another component of the product may be direct mail. In that case, a postcard may mechanically be sent to the prospect.

8) A few weeks later, an email newsletter is emailed to the prospect. Once again, when the email is sent, promotion automation system puts a to-do action to notify you to call the prospect and follow up.

Depending on your goals, promotion automation systems can be used to warm new leads, drive prospects further down the sales funnel, or even turn good clients into great ones.

Fsbo listings from the Redex provides real estate agents with a continual list prospective customers.

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