A Brief History Of Copper

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The time of the development of copper alloys such as copper aluminium and copper nickel marked an essential event in marine engineering, since they were deemed as notable technological advances that opened the doors to brand new uses and possibilities in the field of marine engineering. Let us first look at how copper came to be one of the most universally used metals in this modern age.

Ever since man learned how to recognize and dig for metals, man has been utilizing copper in most of his earliest devices and crafts. This is primarily due to the many qualities of copper and its alloys that permitted early artisans to easily create a range of devices from this plentiful metal.

Copper has an attribute which makes it a distinctive kind of metal, and it is its enhanced malleability. This trait allowed early craftsmen and blacksmiths to get creative when they molded and hammered copper into any form that they saw fit. With copper, they created various weapons and shields for early warriors, formed basic tools for everyday life, and created works of art that will endure the test of time.

Another vital trait of copper is its capability to withstand the test of time, literally. It is extremely resistant to rust and the wear and tear caused by being exposed to a range of elements of nature, this is also probably the cause why numerous artifacts made from copper were uncovered from the sites of ancient civilizations. If truth be told, copper was so prevalent in those early days that one of the important ages in human civilization is called the Bronze Age, bronze being one of copper’s various alloys.

As man moved into the modern ages, the developments in technology opened new possibilities for the uses of copper alloys, particularly in marine manufacturing. This is because of this special metal’s ability to resist rust by salt water, a quality that is of the greatest importance in the marine manufacturing industry. From fossil fuel rigs, to watercrafts, to underwater pipes, the application potentials for copper alloys are limitless.

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