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5 Tips to Keep in Mind When You Create Brochures

1 Comment 24 June 2010

A cluttered brochure design distracts the reader from the message

A cluttered brochure design distracts the reader from the message

Although the word ‘brochure’ is tossed around quite a bit, brochures can go a long way in branding, educating and marketing your intended prospects. Depending on your goal for the brochure, the strategies used should be different, but no matter what you want to convey with your brochure, you’ll need to catch the attention of the reader in order for the brochure to be effective.

Here’s a few quick tips to get you started on your brochure design.

1. Laser focus on your prospect for effective communication: What is the demographic of your prospect? What is the prospect interested in? Why should they be interested in your brochure? By focusing and narrowing down to your core prospects, you’ll be able to create a special brochure that will have the reader of your brochure to think that the brochure was created specially for them, making your message stand out much more.

2. Make headlines bold, easy to read and understand: Headlines grab most of the readers attention, so make them clear, attention grabbing and meaningful. A clear headline is one that is minimalist, which offers the dense meaning and emotion without being wordy. But a clear headline isn’t effective by itself. You need to add attention grabbing words to increase focus on your headlines. Try words like ‘Sale,‘ ‘Trouble free,‘ ‘Piece of mind,‘ etc.

3. Add rich meaningful images to draw attention to the headlines: We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘A picture is worth a thousands words.‘ This is precisely the reason you’ll want to add a great attention grabbing image that compliments and brings out your headline that we discussed in the point above. Check out a previous post on how to seize the reader’s attention with image captions.

4. Write in simple English: Simplify. Even if your demographic is a group of Astrophysicists, keeping your language simple makes it a lot easier for people to understand and read. The more complicated a brochure you create, the more likely that the reader will not finish your copy. For general brochures, I recommend writing at the 6th grade level for maximum comprehension and the least reading time required.

5. Support your text with your design, not the other way around
: With all the powerful design software we have today, our creativity can run wild. Although this is a testament to the technology we have developed, if creativity isn’t tamed with logical reasoning behind the design, the reader of your brochure may not respond in the intended direction. When in doubt, a less busy design will go farther than a cluttered design. Examples include Apple and Google. Refer to my post on minimalist design.

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